Maize Milling Machine

Hongdefa machinery are in Shijiazhuang city, China, is the real factory for maize milling machine production.

Our Hongdefa Maize milling machine use the Japan technology and Europe standard with top quality. It can process raw maize to different maize products: high quality different size maize grits, super white and fine maize flour, maize bran.

final maize products
  • Maize grits can be the raw material for beer, for snack food, for baby food.
  • Maize flour is super white and super fine, specially for Africa country human consumption.
  • Maize bran can be the raw material for animal feed, with high profit to feed cow pit chicken and so on.

Our maize milling machine had installed more than 70 countries all over the world, specially in Africa country like Zambia Kenya Uganda Tanzania South Africa Nigeria Rwanda Ghana Benin  Angola Malawi Namibia Mozambique Lesotho Zimbabwe and so on.

We also have lines in Latin American like Bolivia Haiti Brazil Venezuela Dominica and so on.

Henry Smith

Henry Smith

Hi, my name is Henry from South Africa. Hongdefa helped to install the 500T maize mill in our country in 2016. I liked their machines and their people very much.

Derrick kirunda​

Derrick kirunda

I am Derrick and worked in USA and I ordered the 50t maize mill and animal feed machine from Hongdefa in Jan, 2018. They are very professional to solve all of my questions and give me the very useful suggestions. The production is very quickly and their Kampala office people do a lot of work and that make the business easier a lot.


Hi, this is Jim from Zambia. I cooperated with Hongdefa for more than 7 years. In May 2011 I came to China and visited their factory and ordered the 50t maize milling machine. It runs very well and the final flour quality is very high. So 6 months later I ordered the second line of 50t maize milling machine. Their Zambia office give big support during the daily work and provide spare parts for me. That makes everything easier. I am considering a big capacity like 200T maize milling machine soon.


In order to service our client well, we opened three branch offices in Lusaka Zambia, Addis Ababa Ethiopia and Kampala Uganda. We plan to open more branch offices like in Nigeria Kenya Ghana and Tanzania in the soon future.

We plan to open more branch offices like in Nigeria and Kenya in the soon future.

Dongpu Guo

Dongpu Guo

Mr. Dongpu Guo in Zambia office, who is our small boss in fact. He stay in Zambia for more than 5 years and help to visit the client in Zambia and nearby country, like Malawi Congo Kenya Tanzania. Dong helped for many capacity maize milling machine negotiable and installation, click here to see more details for the installed project.

Jason Zhang

Mr. Jason Zhang in Uganda office, who stay in Uganda for more than 3 years and help to take care of the client in Uganda Rwanda South Sudan Burundi Kenya and nearby country. Click here to check the projects which Jason helped for the negotiation.

Mr.Tongxuan Yang

Tongxuan Yang

Mr.Tongxuan Yang in Addis Ababa Ethiopia office, he founded the Ethiopia branch office. He takes care of the clients in Ethiopia Djibouti Somali and nearby country.

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machienry Co.,Ltd

Our factory is located in Shijiazhuang city China, 300KM from Beijing.

The detail address is: NO.1  Shanqian Road , Wumashan Industrial Aran, Zanhuang Coutny, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

This is the 30T/24H maize milling machine which we installed in Kenya, our client is very satisfied for the high quality machine and high quality final maize products. With the maize flour, can sell to the super market, School, Army or sell to people directly. With the maize bran, can be the material of the animal feed, with very high profits. Each day this maize mill line work 24 hours , no stop. The profit for each Ton raw maize at least 50USD, that is really very good business for investment.


Vanisa Li

Vanisa Li

Export Manager

I am Vanisa Li, have been worked in Hongdefa for more than 6 years, mainly responsible for customers in Africa market. I was in Nigeria and Kenya. 

Luna Du

Luna Du

Sales manager in South American

I am Luna Du ,mainly responsible for customers in Latin American market and South American market, I can speak Egnlish and Spanish.