Hongdefa new order for maize wheat mill machine in February 2020

100T maize mill in Mozambique

Hongdefa new order for maize wheat mill machine in February 2020

We are back from the Chinese new year holiday .

In February we are on holiday, but the new order have not stopped.

1, Today we got an new order from Uganda client ,

total amount USD1 423 000.00.

2, Last week we got another new order from Swaziland for 120T maize mill

3, In the beginning of February, we got two new orders from Zimbabwe client for 300T/24H Maize mill machine and 100T/24H wheat flour mill machine 

If there is anything we can do for the maize wheat mill machine, contact with me freely.
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150 TPD maize milling machine in Kenya

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd. We are professional manufactures of maize,wheat and corn mills. Our products are widely spread and known all around the world. Today we take a look at the 150TPD maize milling machine as we introduce more and more of its details.

150T maize mill line in Kenya
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This 150TPD maize milling machine uses  the cleaning-milling-packing  processing type. In all of its 3 sections the components are built and assembled with the latest  technology. All of our milling machines are certified to meet all the required global standards. Let us  now take a look at some of the major components of this maize milling machine.

Major Components

1.The Cleaning Section

The first section of the 150TPD maize milling machine is the cleaning section . This comprises of the bucket elavator, maize dergeminator ,high speed vibrating sieve,plane revolving sieve, gravity classify destoner , tempering mixer and the magnetic separator. The function of the sieve is to remove all impurities from the maize to reduce dust and other impurities to pollute the workshop. The Magnetic separators have a reasonable structure and a big magnetic force so they can extract all the magnetic materials from the maize  to make sure the rear working
line is safe. The maize and stones moving on the sieve with different direction are separated from maize by the gravity destoner. Therefore the cleaning section ensures that no harmful material goes further and also ensures that all impurities have been removed from the maize so that the best quality can be achieved.

Some components of the cleaning section
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2.The Milling Section

After the cleaning section we come to the milling section.When the cleaning section has removed all impurities from the maize seed the seed is ready for milling. The 150TPD maize milling machine has 6 roller mills, 5 double sifters and 1 single sifter . The roller mill is mainly for grinding and breaking  the maize and bran’s structure.It is also for separating the maize husk and the embryo from  the endosperm by grinding. The Sifter can get the pure endosperm by sifting which  depends on self-vibration and the lower pressure blower’s wind power. The purifier will  classify the materials that from these 2 above processes. All this is monitored and controlled by a PLC system.

Roller mill
Double sifter
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PLC control system
3.The Packing section

The last section of the plant is the packaging section. This packs the final maize flour meal or bran  into packages of your own liking and size. The system is fully automatic. It uses e-measurement technology.This means that it will automatically  fill a bag, detect the weight and also count the number of bags. The weight of the bags to be packed is per your own choice ranging from 5kg bags up to as much as 50kg bags. The Auto-packing machine can pack the bags at a speed of 4 bags per minute to match up with the speed of the milling machine. The Auto-packing machine is very convenient to all those in the milling business.

The Auto-packing machine
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This is a brief introduction of the 150TPD components. For the full component list please send an email to maizewheatmill@gmail.com  and we will send you the full component list within 24hours.

Our 150 TPD maize mill is top quality and by musing it you can only expect the best of results for whichever purpose you intend to use the final product for.

Final product
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Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery .CO.LTD  has supplied and installed  this 150tonne per 24 hr maize milling machine in Kenya. The mill has been running without any problems since its installation. The mill has also been producing efficiently since it was installed. Below are sites from the Kenya 150 TPD maize milling machine.

Sites from the 150TPD maize mill in Kenya
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You can trust in our milling machines and establish your maize milling empire with us or expand your milling business with us. We have an excellent active service to provide you with every information you need regarding wheat and maize mills simply get in touch with Vanisa : +86 138 3346 1840 (for calls and whatsapp).

Once the client has finished all the paperwork an payment we will deliver the maize milling machine to your destination wherever you might be in the world . We package the mill in plastic foil or wooden box to suit delivery by ship.

Maize mill is loaded into the container ready for delivery
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Once the milling machine is delivered to your destination the last procedure is the installation and commissioning of the milling machine. Our engineers will come to install and commission the maize mill for you in your country. The engineer will also educate the local workforce on how to use the milling machine. Above all this we have a 2 year guarantee and a provision for 1 year spare parts. With Hongdefa all your milling needs are satisfied and all your milling problems disappear. Below is the  150TPD  maize milling line installation in Kenya. It has been running without any problems since it was installed.

Kenyan 150 TPD installation

After the installation is finished here is the running line.

Fully running maize milling line in Kenya

For more information on the technical detail of this 150TPD maize milling machine and the exact price and quotations get in touch with us at the contact details below or fill the  online form.



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