Factory Learning Diary — 2018.06.02

Last Saturday 2th June , our Hongdefa team went to the factory. Our factory is located in Zanhuang county, Shijiazhuang city , 50000 square meters office , 6000 square meters warehouses.



Our factory


First of all, we arranged well-formed formations , solemn oaths with a sincere attitude.


Solemn oath



We promise:



To create a more advanced,

-more secure,

-more intelligent,

-more simple,

-more high-speed Flour mill Machine.

To enhance the value of quality,

Become China’s most trusted Flour Mill Machine enterprises



Certificates and professional qualifications


We also have a professional and beautiful sales team. Everyone has a good professionalism. Love work and take care more for our customers with a warm attitude.



At noon, we enjoyed a sumptuous and delicious lunch together with our Africa client who inspect for the 120t wheat flour milling machine and do the container loading. Thanks to the hard-cooked chefs.



Happy lunch



For the flour we used which is from our own wheat mill machine factory, we design the whole wheat flour mill line, install it and running it. We produce the high quality wheat flour.


When you come, you will see this installed running wheat flour mill line, we will invite you to taste the wheat flour making food from our own wheat flour mill machine


Delicious food


All these food come from our own farm, where we planted many kinds of fruit and vegetables. If you come to visit Hongdefa, you will see the beautiful view and the nature food.






Under the grape frame


This Grape road is so beautiful! Now the grapes are not yet ripe at this time and we are looking forward to their deliciousness at maturity.


In the afternoon, the experienced production manager Mr.Guo explained the single flour mill machines knowledge to us.

We have special cutting equipment. After setting, we can cut different shapes on the steel plate at the same time.This saves material and saves time.The pneumatic roller mill is 1.25 meters high , applied to large production lines.


Members conducted group learning, contact and understanding of our milling equipment in the field.







Group learning


I have benn in Hongdefa for more than 7 years, Hongdefa is a big family with love.


Hongdefa ,the best team for maize flour and wheat flour mill machine service!


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