precooked corn flour mill machine


Precooked corn flour mill machine is the new technology of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery factory.

We learn and update the present technology and supply the pre cooked corn flour mill to produce the high quality pre cooked corn meal .

precooked corn meal foods

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It is an complete line :

Input raw material (corn/maize) — steel silo for storage — cleaning machines — soaking bin — corn precooking — flaking mill — horizontal dryer — finished product bin

Technique flow for precooked corn mill

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Here we take the 30T/24H corn mill as example to introduce the whole line :

1, the 30T/24H corn maize mill plant
The 30T corn maize flaking mill plant, we use the new technology design with Automatic control system, including precleaning ,cleaning , flaking, milling , auto-packing and PLC control system.  It is steel structure workshop.

2, Introduction about 30T/24H precooked corn mill machine 

A, Capacity: input maize 30T/24H
Design according to Client’s corn and maize flour request, take the germ and skin down to get bran for animal feed, and milling the endosperm to maize flour for human consumption.

B, The general plan layout:
The whole factory includes offices, workers quarters, guard, platform control rooms, transformer
control room. Raw maize silo 1set with flat bottom, it is optional by customer.
The detailed layout is customized according to local condition as per the land or workshop dimensions in local side.

C, The workshop size: 
The steel structure workshop for 30t/24h maize milling line is 36M×15M×12M( LxWxH).

It includes the whole processing system of maize cleaning part, moisture damper and degerminating part, steam part, flaking mill, hammer mill, maize milling part and packaging part.

In order to maintain the main workshop sanitation, waste treatment and final packaging plant does not pollute the environment, are separated by a wall between the waste processing, product packaging and milling system.

D, Staff assignments 
According to the conventional business daily processing 30 tons of maize flour mill, the general
annual 350 days at full capacity, three shifts of production, need every single day 1 technical staff
, 1 management staff, production staff 4-10 people.

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3,  precooked corn maize mill plant technique flow 

3.1 cleaning section technique flow for precooked corn mill machine:
Bucket elevator — Maize cleaner — Moisture damper (stainless steel)– damper bin — Screw conveyor –Magnetic separator– Degerminator — Gravity grade sifter — blower

3.2 flaking section technique flow for precooked corn mill machine:

Bin – steam bin – flaking mill – hammer mill – single sifter

flaking mill

3.3 milling section technique flow for precooked corn mill machine:

Hammer mill – double sifter- Roller mill – sifter – flour bin – packing

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  1. Final maize products of the precooked corn mill machine:

Precooked corn flour and maize bran.

A special kind of precooked corn flour can do a delicious food called Arepa that is very popular in Columbia and Venezuela . They are easy to make at home .

If you want to get the exactly detail list about this 100t maize mill plant, please send me inquiry or talk with me by the online chatting tools, I will send you all the detail list with drawing and best price at the first time.

5, introduction for some mainly single machines 

5.1 Stainless steel damper

For the Damper, we use the double section kind with stainless steel material.

Bi-Direction screw, prevent free water,  Intensive intermixing , Stainless steel screw leaf and outside, no rusty.  Special bending and welding technology make sure no Leaking.

5.2 moisture Bin

This price includes the moisture Bin already. It is stainless steel .

5.3 degerminating system: 

For degerminating system, we use the two times degerminate, it can produce the high quality maize grits as you need. The Degerminator we have the patent already, it use the Japan technology.

5.4 Flaking mill

For the Flaking mill, it use the automatic Pneumatic control.

The speedy and tardy grinding rolls are driven by triple-wheel toothed belts with advantages of high power transmission, no step losses, no deflection, stable running, and low noises.

corn flaking mill

corn flaking mill

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5.5 sifter

1) Material: High-strength alloy steel
2)up and down sifter circles with steel plate overall by bending
3)Transmission system using spring force component institutions
4)Sieve frames of wood coated with synthetic resin,without backwire
5)All the inside walls as well as the doors are provided with high-grade insulation
6)Vertical and horizontal clamping system

5.6  Impulse dust filter

In the flour section, it use the Impulse dust filter , not the dust cloth.

This can make the whole workshop cleaning and fewer flour dust.

5.7  Auto weighing and packing machine

This price also include one set of Auto weighing and packing machine for PP bag of 10-25kg.

This auto packing machine, the filling and discharge system is special design to pack flour and no block.

The weighing Precision is +/-2‰.

5.8 Stainless steel pipes

For the pipes in milling section where contact with the material is stainless steel.

It is durable and can use at least 20 years, also very beautiful and shinning .

5.9 PLC control system

The Control system, use the one touch screen for smart PLC control system

The control system use the Mitsubishi brand.

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 6, Contact informaiton:
Now send your inquiry to me or talk with me online to ask more for the maize mill machine. You also can find me through the below way:

Whatsapp: +8613933068531


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