Ghana Client visit to inspect 36TPD corn milling machine

Ghana Client visit to inspect 36TPD corn milling machine

Compliments of the new season to you all. Welcome back to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machionery.Co.Ltd. We hope all of you had an amazing time while we were away for spring festival. It is indeed a new season now and lots and lots of new deals and bargains are on the way for all of our clients.

Lantern Festival

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We began the new season by welcoming one of our clients from Ghana  who visited  us here in China for inspection of their corn milling machine. We received the client with a very warm welcome as always and the client was very happy with the machine  as all of our products are always of superior quality.

At the Factory for the inspection of the corn milling machine

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It is always a good time when our clients visit our factory here in China. This gives the client the opportunity to check if all their requirements have been met and if the milling machine meets their needs. It is also for exposure as clients have the opportunity to visit the site where we have a running 100TPD maize milling line here in China.  In addition to all that our clients get to meet with us in person to experience our warmness at first hand.

Machine ready for delivery

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After the inspection when the client is satisfied the shipping and delivery procedure commences . The application and further explanation on the details of the milling machine will all be brought to surface during this visit.

Client enjoys Chinese dishes during visit.

We look forward to extending our business influence all around the world in this new year and please feel free to contact us and establish yourself with the best manufacturers in the industry.

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