How Hongdefa being the best factory in China for flour mill machine

How Hongdefa being the best factory in China for flour mill machine

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Hongdefa machinery factory grows up quickly these years for the maize mill and wheat flour milling production. There is a long story for the development of Hongdefa, today I would like to share this story with all of our friends and clients.

That is the story about the Chairman Mr. Guo Zhenfa in Hongdefa.


Mr. Guo Zhenfa began to work from 1976. He worked in Zanhuang County Machinery Factory in Hebei Province. He has been engaged in the development and improvement of the Royal Brand  flour milling machines. In the national industry standard acceptance, Mr.Guo Zhenfa made outstanding contributions to the 6fts-16, 6fts-15d and 6ffts-12t wheat flour mills , the commissioning operation showed that all the indicators were higher than the national standards, which laid a solid foundation for the Royal Brand flour machine to become a famous brand of the Ministry of Agriculture.


The installation and testing of the flour mill machine in Africa from China



Because Guo Zhenfa’s operating technology in first grade in the industry, he became the first technician who went to abroad to do the installation and commissioning of complete sets of wheat flour machines in China. In the 1990s, one set of flour processing equipment exported by Zanhuang Machinery Factory became China’s first set of wheat flour mill equipment sold abroad. This news caused a great sensation at that time, and the workmates of the whole factory enthusiastically sent technicians to go abroad.



the whole factory enthusiastically sent technicians to go abroad (The right one is Mr.Guo)



The right one is Mr.Guo Zhenfa


Mr. Guo opened The Ethiopia market for China’s flour mill in Africa. He installed the China’s first flour mill in Ethiopia.


Mr.Guo Took photos with customers of Ethiopia (The left one is Mr.Guo)

After that, MR.Guo led the sales and installation team to travel in many countries, including Vietnam, Rwanda, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Senegal etc. Among them, the 6fts-15d flour mill machine which was installed by Guo Zhenfa in Burundi, East Africa in 1991 that has high powder extraction rate and produce good flour quality. The machine was highly praised by African friends. Mr.Guo Zhengfa was received by the then President of Burundi, Pierre Buyoya, and awarded International Friends Honorary Certificate.


In 2002, after the reform of state-owned enterprises, Mr.Guo Zhenfa established Shijiazhuang Africa Trading Co., Ltd. and set branch offices in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Congo.


In 2004 Ethiopia, Africa Trading company designed and installed one set of 500T/24h wheat flour mill machine which is the first large-scale flour mill machine in Ethiopia from China.




500T/24H wheat flour mill in Ethiopia



In 2006, we installed a 60T/24h wheat flour mill machine in Egypt. In 2014, The owner expanded production and purchased one set of 200T/24h wheat flour mill machine. The owner was satisfied with the wheat flour mill machine design and quality. He warmly invited Mr. Guo to visit his factory and home.









200T/24h wheat flour mill machine in Egypt

(the right one is the owner and the right two is Mr.Guo)



In 2008, Guo Zhenfa invested 20 million in the Wumashan Industrial Zone to build a factory called Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of 40,000 square meters (60 acres) with a production workshop of more than 100 employees , and has independent sales, production, installation and after sale service one-stop team.

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery factory



The technical and sales team of Hongdefa

The Hongdefa company mainly targets the research and development of maize and wheat processing machinery in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, and produce processing equipment adapted to local people’s conditions. It has set up branch office in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Congo.



120T/24H wheat flour mill line installed in Zimbabwe designed by Hongdefa



60T/24H wheat milling machine installed in Brazil

Our Hongdefa flour milling equipment is sold to different countries all over the world and is welcomed by different countries clients, including South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina, Algeria, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola and so on.


Hongdefa clients from different countries



Mr. Guo’s team do the design with different requirements in different countries, such as POSHO in South Africa, UGALI in Uganda, SADZA in Zimbabwe, NSHIMA in Zambia, etc. as staple foods, people have different requirements on the mesh size of maize flour. They designed and improved the maize milling line to bring high quality corn flour for the local residents.



100t/24hrs maize mill plant in South Africa




1500t/24hrs maize mill plant in South Africa



150t/24hrs maize mill plant in Zambia



240t/24hrs maize mill plant in Angola


300T/24H wheat flour mill in Afghanistan


Mr. Guo has always followed the idea of designing the maize milling plant and wheat mill line which best suits the needs of customers in different countries. The final client’s needs is the first.


That is the story of our Chairman Mr. Guo Zhenfa, that is also the story about the development and growing up of Hongdefa. All of our Hongdefa people will work hard and take the client’s needs  as the first needs of us.

Welcome to Hongdefa in China and find the new story between you and us.


If you come, please do not hesitate to contact with me:

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I have been browsing your website and I came across your maize milling machine. I am from Sierra Leone planting maize but I want move now to processing maize for livestock and corn flour for food. Please update me on your machines and how should go about it purchasing them.

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I would like to start 15/24hr capacity maize mill


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