Our Maize milling business in Congo

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Our Maize milling business in Congo

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These days there are some news about RD Congo, many things happened in this country. The Congo people had experienced a long time war and Political instability.

That reminded me about our time in Congo.

Some years ago we had our own maize milling machine factory in Kinshasa and we sell the maize flour to Congo people directly. It is really good time these days, specially when the Christmas holiday come. The big Mama will Panic buying the maize flour. It is really crazy but exited.

Hope one day we can come back to Congo again and restart our maize milling factory.

Anyone if interested in this maize mill business, can ask me for more details and share the experience.

Or you can check our website www.maizewheatmill.org for more details.


Cel/WhatsApp: +86 138 3346 1840

Email: maizewheatmill@gmail.com



14 7 月, 2017 at 2:39 下午

Hi i am from AS milling in south Africa we can supple you with any stock that you need to run your mills, we can give you very good prices and good quality products.


    15 7 月, 2017 at 8:47 上午

    hi, Pieter, will send you email to discuss more details.