The China to Africa trade network continues to grow.

The China to Africa trade network continues to grow.

The past decade has seen the growth of a strong trade network between China and Africa. China  is well known and  recognised worldwide for its advancement in technology  whilst Africa is popular for production is different sectors for example agriculture and mining. Since Africans want to produce more and more to satisfy its export market and also satisfy its growing population ,Africa now has to use the most efficient machinery  in its production processes.This creates a good opportunity for manufacturers in China provided their machinery is of good quality and is efficient.Below is a chart to show how China to Africa trade has grown over the years.

 One of the major economic sectors  in Africa is the agricultural sector. Like most sectors in Africa this sector is also growing fast.Of particular interest in this sector is maize and wheat production.Maize production is a major key to several economies in Africa .The weather conditions in most countries in Africa  allow for maize production. A few examples are South Africa , Zambia and Nigeria.These countries produce millions of tonnes of maize each year.Look at the yearly maize production figures in South Africa

The growth in the production of maize and wheat creates a worldwide opportunity to milling companies in Africa and other continents .

Recent years have also seen  the co-operation of Africa and China .These has been symbolised by the visits among African nations’ presidents and the Chinese president.

This development has provided Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD with endless possibilities as our business trade network is growing all over Africa as well.We now have over 30 years of experience in the milling  market and we have now supplied over 10 African countries with maize, wheat and corn mill.As production of wheat and maize grows in Africa our mills’ capacity also grows.Currently we have installed a 500tonne/24hr corn mill in South Africa. We provide the best quality of mills that are designed using the best technology from Europe ,China and Africa combined.

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