the maize mill opinion

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the maize mill opinion

Hey there, I hope I find you well and hope you have already visited our sites, liked and followed our pages on Facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn etc. If you have not yet done that I am sure after reading this article and realizing what you have been missing on you will visit our sites and pages. In my last post I gave a brief introduction of our company as a whole. In this article I am going to take you a little deeper into one of our productions, the maize mill.

The maize mill is used to mill maize to get maize grits, maize samp, sifted maize meal, maize flour and roller meal depending on our preferences. To ensure that we enjoy these maize products a certain quality must be attained in the milling process. To ensure that this quality is obtained in the milling process one must use Hongdefa mills for their milling.

Why Hongdefa mills and not any other manufacturer? The answer is simple, because at Hongdefa quality and development in our products is our major mission. This serves to ensure all of you our clients that indeed with a Hongdefa maize meal you will not go wrong. Just in case some of us only believe when they see, below are images of some of the Hongdefa mills that have been installed in 4 different countries and have been working very well for years now.

  1. Below is 30 tonne per day producing Hongdefa maize mill in South Africa.
maize mill

maize mill in South Africa


  1. 50 tonne per day producing Hongdefa maize mill in Zambia.
maize mill 50T

maize mill in Zambia

3 . Above is 50 tonne per day producing Hongdefa maize mill working in Uganda.

maize mill in Africa

maize mill in Uganda

4, Below is a 20 tonne per day producing Hongdefa maize mill installed in Kenya.

20t maize mill installed in Kenya

mill machine

By now I am sure we can all unanimously agree that Hongdefa mills are top of the range quality .The mills are manufactured by combining the latest technology and material together to ensure a perfect end result. The pipes on mills are all stainless steel to ensure there is no corrosion. These maize mills have been tried and tested all around the world and have impressed clients. Feedback on our mills is always positive feedback. On top of manufacturing top of the range mills we offer a 2year guarantee with repair parts and installation of our mills.

I hope everyone reading this will visit . Do not forget to like and follow our pages to get our updates. Don’t miss my next post on wheat mills. Cheers…

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24T/24H maize mill delivery to Uganda

We finished the container loading for the 24t/24h maize mill for our Uganda client.
The client plan to come to visit our factory in the beginning of the year, but unfortunately there is some problem on his blood pressure.
So he asked me to take care of all the things for his machine.
Now finally we loaded the container and will send to him soon.
His workshop already finished and once the maize milling machine arrive, we will send our engineer to do the installation for him.

Hope this maize mill machine can be installed soon.

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corn mill

Corn mill machine line is from 5t/24h to 2000t/24h capacity with different

configuration and price. All the corn mill machine is complete line, including

cleaning, milling and packing system. It can process the corn to corn grits  flour and bran.

The degerminator can remove the skin and germ, and get the super white corn flour.

The dampener is double section with stainless steel.

The pipes which contact with the material is stainless steel.

The Auto-packing machine can weight and pack the bags automatically.

20T/24H corn mill running in Africa

20T maize mill

Get price and more details

1, 5T/D corn mill line

The 5t/d corn mill line is the small capacity, it use small place and low cost. If you have not any experience but want to start the corn maize milling machine business, the 5TPD is one good choice.

It is small but also complete line, can process the raw maize and corn to good quality corn maize flour.

It suits in the rural place and the small farm or home use.

5TPD corn mill line

5TPD corn mill line

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2, 10T/24H corn mill machine

This 10t/d corn mill line is installed in Zambia,it had run more than 5 years and produced Breakfast meal and roller meal for Zambia client to make Nshima and other food.

This 10t capacity is low cost, suit for the starter who is no experience in the maize corn mill business.

Get price and more details

3, 30T/24h corn milling machine

This is the 30T/D corn mill line in Kenya. Our engineer installed it and testing for the client.

This 30T corn mill provided the super white maize flour to the client’s town and the reputation of the flour is very good.

The client is very happy and he plan to have another 50t maize mill line next year to enlarge the capacity.

Get price and more details

4, 2T/h (50T/24H) corn milling machine

This 50t/24h corn mill line installed in Zimbabwe.

It use the double roller mill, double section sifter and Auto-Packing machine.

It can produce super white and fine corn flour.

It is two floor with steel structure, save energy designing.

Get price and more details

5, 4T/h (100T/24H) corn milling machines

This 4T/H corn mill line installed in Kabwe Zambia.

It use the Automatic roller mill and plansifter.The dampner is the double section with stainless steel and avoid rusty. The packing system including the automatic packing machine and hand sewing machine.

All the pipes where contact with the material is stainless steel.

100TPD Fully installed corn mill line

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5, 150T/24h maize corn milling machine

The 150T maize corn mill is middle capacity and with European standard. It is PLC automatic control system, can control all the machines automatically.

All the pipes where contact with the material is stainless steel.

These photos are the one we are installing in South Africa. It can produce maize grits, maize samp, sifted maize meal, breakfast meal, roller meal and super fine maize flour.

It can produce Ugali, Fufu, Sadza, Nshima and other kinds of food.

150TPD corn mill in Zambia

Get price and more details

The above is just some kind of our corn maize mill line.

We also have the other capacity, like 15t/d, 20t/d; for bigger one like 200t/24h, 300t/24h and 1000t/24h.

If you need more details and price, kindly please leave message, send email or call us directly.

We have branch office in Zambia, South Africa and Brazil, you can come to there to visit the installed line and discuss the details face to face with our engineer.

Welcome to our factory in China to check the real machine and running line too.

Cell/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 138 3346 1840


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20t maize mill installed in Kenya

Kenya Client

Our maize mill machine line is from 5t/24h to 2000t/24h capacity with different configuration and price.

All the maize mill machine is complete line, including cleaning, milling and packing system. It can process the maize and corn to maize grits, maize flour and maize bran.

We can design the whole line according to client’s requirements and situation.

Here do some introduction about our different capacity maize mill machines.

1, 20T/24H maize milling machine

maize mill machine

maize mill