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Hongdefa Maize mill wheat flour mill installation plan –By Vanisa Li +8613933068531

On Feb.11, 2019, we finished our Chinese New Year holiday and back to work.

In the last year 2018, Hongdefa team did the great job and got a lot of orders for different capacity of maize mill and wheat flour milling machine from Different countries, like Kenya Zambia Uganda Ethiopia Egypt Tanzania and so on.

Hongdefa factory


Till now most of the orders already finished and shipped to the clients’ factory, now are waiting for our engineers for the installation and commissioning.

It is very important for the client to do the good installation testing and training the local workers, this will make sure the high quality final maize wheat flour.

240T maize mill finished installation in Angola

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Our after sale service department pay more attention on this issue and make the detailed plans for the next step work about the installation, here we share with you some of our arrangements:


1, 150T wheat flour mill machine will install in Egypt

Mr. Hao and Mr. Guo will come to Egypt soon to install the 150T/24H wheat flour mill for the Egypt client.

We already finished the whole container loading and the last batch ship will arrive Alexandria port end of February. Now we are doing the visa for the engineers.

150T/24H wheat flour mill design


2, 100T/24H maize mill machine wait for testing and training in Nigeria

This 100T maize milling line we finished the installation already before the Chinese New Year holiday, we will send the engineer to do the testing and training when the electricity and water is available in the client factory.

100T maize mill installation in Nigeria

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3, 300T wheat milling machine will do installation in Malaysia

The first 10 containers of this 300tpd wheat mill already arrived Malaysia and our engineer Mr.Guo and Mr.Lv will come to Malaysia on Feb.28,2019 and begin the preliminary work first.

300T wheat mill is a middle capacity, it will take some time for the whole machine running. We will send different professional engineers to come to do their special work in different period.

300T wheat milling machine will do installation in Malaysia


4, 30T maize milling machine waiting for the installation from our Malawi client.

Mr.Li will come to Malawi to do the 30t maize mill next month. This is the third time Mr. Li come to Malawi and he already installed three sets of maize mill in Malawi for other clients.

30T maize mill

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5, 50T maize mill are installing now in Tanzania by Mr.Guo

This 50t maize mill is together with silo, so it takes a little longer time for the installation.

Mr.Guo stayed in Tanzania for the Chinese New Year holiday, thanks for his hard work. Our client take care a lot for Mr.Guo and thanks for his efforts.

50T maize mill in Tanzania

6, 15T maize mill will do installation in Kenya

15T maize mill is a small capacity compared with other kind, this time Mr. Zhang will come to Kenya from Zambia directly. He will finish the installation of the 50t maize mill line in Zambia soon and come to Kenya then. This will save time and air cost for the client.

Kenya is a good market for our maize mill machines, here we had installed more than 30 sets in different citis, like Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Kisumu, Eldoret and so on.

50T maize mill in Thika Kenya

So that will be very easier work for our engineer to do the installation in Kenya.

We know what kinds of final products Kenya market needs, we know their machine requirements.

Professional makes things easier.

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7, 300T/24H wheat mill will do the final test in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not easy to get the visa and because of the war in the country, it takes really a longer time to finish this whole 300t wheat mill project.

Now it is the final step for the testing, very soon our client will see the machine running and make the real business.

300T wheat mill finished installation in Afghanistan

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8, Other maize wheat lines we will do installation soon

Except the above arrangements, there are many other corn maize wheat milling lines are waiting for our engineers come to do the installation,

like the 10T maize mill in Tanzania,

20t maize mill in Burkina Faso,

30t maize mill in DRC,

15T maize mill in Mali,

100T maize mill in Ethiopia,

120t wheat mill in Ethiopia,

30T maize mill in Rwanda and so on.

10T maize mill in Tanzania


120T wheat mill in Ethiopia

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That will be very busy work for the next days, Hongdefa team is ready to do.

Hongdefa Team

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If you also need the maize mill or wheat flour mill machine, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

We do , do the best!

Our professional team will give you all the support for your business successful.

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Cleaning of wheat flour milling machine

Cleaning of wheat flour milling machine

A. Wheat cleaning

  1. The purpose of wheat cleaning, due to the current technical constraints, wheat growth, harvest, storage, transportation and other processes will have impurities mixed. In the growing season, the wheat which is germinated and moldy because of too much rain and the wheat which is attacked by insects and diseases is the impurity in wheat, and the mixing of these wheat will affect the quality and odor of wheat flour.Therefore, in the milling wheat must be cleaned before, all kinds of impurities in wheat completely clean, so as to ensure the quality of flour, to meet the needs of the food industry and people’s lives, to ensure people’s health, and achieve the purpose of safe production.
  1. Classification of impurities impurities in the wheat can be classified according to the chemical composition and physical properties.

(1) According to the chemical composition

①The inorganic impurities

inorganic impurities mixed with clay and sand, refers to the brick, metal and other inorganic substances in wheat.

②The organic impurities

organic impurities is mixed with wheat roots, stems, leaves, grass seed, shell, grain and edible dissimilar value buds, spots, metamorphic and other organic substances of wheat.

(2)It can be divided into three categories according to physical property and particle size of impurity.

①large impurities  Refers to the impurity retained in Diameter of 4.5 mm
sieve screen surface.

②Side by side impurities  Refers to the impurities through the diameter of 4.5 mm sieve screen surface, retained in the diameter of 1.5 to 2.0 mm sieve screen surface impurities.

③Small impurities  Refer to pass through the diameter of 1.5 ~ 2.0 mm sieve screen surface impurities.

(3)According to the specific gravity impurityies can be divided into two categories:

①Heavy impurities  Refers to the wheat specific gravity is bigger than the impurities specific gravity.

②Light impurities Refers to wheat specific gravity is smaller than the impurities specific gravity.

3.Common methods of wheat cleaning

(1)wind selection method

The method of cleaning the air dynamics properties of wheat and impurities is called wind selection method.The aerodynamic properties are generally expressed as suspended velocities.wind selection method needs participation of air media.Commonly used air – selection equipment including vertical air duct and suction separator.

(2)Screening method

The method of cleaning with different size of wheat and impurity is called screening method.Grain size is generally based on the thickness and width of wheat and impurities.The screening method needs to be equipped with a suitable screen for the movement of the sieve, and the relative motion of the sieve and the wheat is used to stratify the wheat.Small size and heavy flour would be pass through the sieve.

The commonly used screening equipment has vibrating screen, rotary flat sieve and pre-cleaning screen.

(3) Using different grivatity of wheat and impurity to separate them.It is called gravity separation method. The gravity separation method needs the participation of the medium, and the medium can be air and water. The use of air as a medium is called dry gravity separation; the use of water as a medium is called wet gravity separation. The proportion of dry separation equipment commonly used gravity destoner, gravity separation, gravity separation equipment commonly used in wet stone wheat washing machine etc..

(4) selection method using impurities and wheat geometry and different length of cleaning method called selection method. It is necessary to use the inclined plane and the spiral surface to separate the wheat and the spherical impurity by the different geometric shapes. The common buckwheat seed throwing vehicles and other equipment. The use of different lengths for cleaning requires a rotating surface with a pocket. The short grain embedded bag holes are taken away, and the long grains remain outside the bag holes and are not taken away, so as to achieve the purpose of separation. Commonly used equipment has drum selection machine, disc selection machine, disc roller selection machine, etc.

(5) impact method by the impurity and wheat of different intensity cleaning method called impact method. Germination, moldy, diseases and insect pests of wheat, wheat and soil surface adhesion of dust, the adhesion strength is lower than that of wheat, the impact of the high-speed rotating component, broken off, the use of suitable mesh separating it, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The impact of equipment commonly used are beating machine, impact machine, wheat brush machine etc..

  • magnetic separation method using wheat and impurity ferromagnetic different cleaning method called magnetic separation method. Wheat is a non-magnetic material, in the magnetic field is not magnetized, thus cannot be absorbed by the magnets; and some metal impurities (such as iron nails, nuts, etc.) is a magnetic material in a magnetic field will be magnetized by the magnet adsorption, which is separated from wheat. Permanent magnetic drum, magnetic steel and permanent magnetic box are commonly used in magnetic separation.
  • Grinding method;

To clean up wheat surface dust or grind wheat straw by the use of rotating rough surfaces (such as sand grain) is known as the grinding method. It is widely used for peeling and milling. Through the grinding of the surface of a few sand rolls can partially separate the wheat flour, which can shorten the powder path and make it easier to pulverize. The commonly used equipment is like peeling machine etc.

In addition to the above methods, there are other methods,such as the one according to the color of the photoelectric sorting method, the equipment is color selection machine. The current application is not yet widespread as the equipment is very expensive.

B. wheat moisture regulation

The moisture regulation of wheat, is to add the water and give it a certain time for moisture, so that to re-adjust the moisture of wheat and improve its physical, biochemical and milling process performance, in order to obtain better milling process effect.

  1. Physical and biochemical changes after adding water, the corresponding physical and biochemical changes occur:
  • the moisture content of wheatis more,the grain has a similar moisture content and similar water distribution by a certain
  • The first layer of water swelling, aleurone layer and endosperm followed by water swelling. Due to the three are with different orders in water swelling,so, there is a slight displacement in the radial direction of the wheat grain , then the combination between the three Force is weakened. This is favorable in separation of the cortex and the endosperm,and the powder can scrap from the cortex down easily.

(3)Cortical after absorb the water, toughness increased ,

brittleness reduced, increasing its ability to resist mechanical damage. Therefore, in the grinding process this facilitate the preservation of bran slices and clean the bran film on the endosperm, to ensure the quality of flour and improve the extraction rate of flour. In addition, the integrity of the bran is also conducive to the sifting and bran brushing.

(4)the intensity of the endosperm is reduced. The starch and protein contained in the endosperm are crossed together. Protein water absorption capacity (large water absorption), slow water absorption; starch granules weak water absorption (small water absorption), fast water absorption. Because of the difference between the speed and ability of the two, the expansion of the different and the degree of difference, resulting in starch and protein particles displacement, so that the endosperm structure loose, reduced strength, easy to ground into powder, is conducive to reducing power consumption.

(5) The yield of wet gluten increases with the increase of wheat moisture, but the quality of wet gluten is weakened.

(6) proteolytic enzyme activity, free amino acid content, saccharification activity, sucrose and a variety of reducing sugar content has changed. But little effect on the milling process.

From the above changes can be seen, wheat moisture regulation, the milling process performance improved, can increase the rate of flour, improve the quality of finished flour, and reduce power consumption.

  1. The corresponding process effect of wheat by water regulation, should be the corresponding process effects are as follows:

(1) so that the grinding of wheat with the appropriate water to meet the requirements of the milling process to ensure the relatively stable process of milling, easy operation and management. This is very important to improve production efficiency, flour yield and product quality. Requiring moisture uniformity within 0.2%.

(2) to ensure that flour moisture in line with national standards. Wheat dryness will cause the flour moisture is too low, so that the powder plant suffered losses; the other hand, wheat overheating will cause flour moisture is too high, not only will affect the interests of consumers, will also affect the flour storage management.

(3) the wheat flour was suitable for milling. The wheat after moisture adjustment, cortex toughness increase, endosperm internal structure is loose, decreased the binding force between the cortex and the aleurone layer and endosperm, is conducive to the improvement of milling performance. However, the high moisture content of wheat will decrease the fluidity of work in process, cause the blockage of sieve and flow, and affect the normal production of flour milling. Therefore, considering the improvement of flour milling performance, there should be a suitable water content for wheat milling.

After adding water, the wheat must be mixed quickly, and the water will begin to penetrate into the water through a certain mechanical action, so that the wheat grain has certain water holding capacity. The water regulating equipment for wheat generally consists of two parts: the water adding device and the water feeding equipment. The wheat moisture regulation equipment generally has the cup water machine, the powerful water machine and the water mixer. At the same time, wheat after water, water from outside to inside infiltration requires a certain period of time, usually 16 to 24 hours, where wheat tempering time required by certain storage warehouse to ensure, called the tempering bin.    

C. wheat cleaning process

  1. the development of wheat cleaning process based on

(1) grinding wheat quality standard net

①The buckwheat dust impurity not more than 0.02%, grain impurity does not exceed 0.5% (shelling of dissimilar grain at the present stage not included), should not contain metal impurities.

② the ash content of wheat should not be less than 0.06% after cleaning.

③The moisture content of the finished flour should be in line with the national standard.

(2) The quality of wheat

Wheat varieties and quality is not immutable and frozen, therefore, the designing of the cleaning section flow should take into account factors like the number of impurities in wheat,proportion of hard wheat and soft wheat, and the content of water, etc.It’s better to adopt good cleaning equipment and water conditioning equipment. In actual production, for wheat with little impurity and high moisture, can adjust the shunting device, not have to pass through every equipment.

Considering the wheat producing areas of China, wheat growing in south of China area normally have more buckwheat seeds and mud, less sand and high moisture. Usually not considering wheat washer, considering enhance threshing wheat, removing buckwheat and destone in dry way. Wheat growing in north of China normally contain more sand and marl, less buckwheat seeds and low moisture. To clean up this kind of wheat, should strengthen the suction, destone and wheat washing process, generally not consider buckwheat removing equipment. Wheat growing in Spring area have high moisture, more sand and wild grass seeds. To process this kind of wheat, should strengthen the screening, selection and destone process; low temperatures in winter, wheat should have procedure of preheating and moisture adjusting.
Wheat infected with smut, ergot and scab has a great influence on human health. Therefore, we must pay high attention to the cleaning. The infection of scab and smut of wheat, wheat should be strengthened, broken by a serious pest and weaken the wheat, and strengthen the screening and winnowing, in order to achieve effective cleaning. When wheat contains ergot, it can be cleaned effectively by gravity classifier.

Insect pests of wheat should be killed by the impact machine, and strengthen the screening and suction, remove insects and insects fragments. The grain length of wheat, such as wire worm disease, is shorter than that of normal wheat grain, but its width is similar. It is difficult to remove by screening, and it is more effective to remove with grain separator.
In China’s varieties kinds of wheat, soft wheat more than hard wheat, in the processing of hard wheat,  need to add more water and moisture wheat time.

(3) factory size and type of milling flours

Under normal circumstances, the factory scale larger, the production of high precision flour higher, the relative clean-up process to be better. The small-scale processing factory have low  precision of flour requirements , Suffer the investment conditions and plant space constraints limit, the relative clean-up process is simple, in this case, you can choose a compact, with a variety of functions and better combination of cleaning equipment , To ensure that the basic clean-up process and the necessary clean-up road.

2. Requirements for establishing wheat cleaning process

(1)Each process is complete, the number of cleaning equipment is appropriate, the process sequence is reasonable.

  • In accordance with the “first easy after difficult, first inorganic after organic” principle to arrange the process sequence
  • to the largeharm and much content impurity, such as sand, buckwheat seeds, wheat scab etc. should strengthen cleaning.
  • The process should be flexible in order to adapt to the change of impuritiesin raw materials
  • There should be perfect water regulation facilities to ensure the moisture content of the incoming wheat to meet the process requirements.
  • There should be perfect wheat processing facilities, so that the quality index of wheat into the mill can basically meet the quality requirements ofthe finished flour.
  • Serial, standardized, universal and efficient advanced cleaning equipment should be used as much as possible.
  • In order to ensure environmental sanitation and improve the efficiency of impurity removal,thedesign ofair dust removal system should be reasonable

For the wheat cleaning information, can discuss with us by Email or check more details on You also can call or whatsapp : +86 138 3346 1840.


flour mill machine

Why more and more clients came to buy flour mill machine from Hongdefa Machinery?

Established in 1982, Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co. Ltd has become one of the leading supplier of maize and wheat flour mill machinery. With European technology, South Africa maize process, China wheat process, we roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill machine and maize flour mill machine. And we provide professional design, manufacture, installation, commissioning packages about flour mill machine for African clients.

flour mill machine
the factory of flour mill machine

Next, I will introduce you to our flour mill machine, so that you clearly know why more and more clients from our company to buy flour mill machine.

For the maize flour mill machine process, includes: input maize –cleaning the maize–maize moisture dampener — degerminator– roller milling — plansifter — super maize meal–packing, and all of these are using our latest research can meet the needs of many customers of the technology.

flour mill machine
maize flour mill machine


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In the cleaning part we used the Japanese advanced technology double level stainless steel damper he stainless steel moisture bin degerminating and scrub germ and peel out.In the milling section, we used the autotmatic double roller mill, the stainless steel pipe.In the packaging part, it is fully automatic PLC control system of automatic packing scale.

flour mill machine
corn grits of maize flour mill machine

For the wheat flour mil machine complete line is made up of the cleaning section, milling section and the packaging section.

flour mill machine
wheat flour mill machine


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Cleaning section includes: Beat — Sceening — Destoner –Magnetic separator-Dampener. Milling Section  includes:Roller mill:To break the integrity by roller movement.—-Sifter: For separation of the flour and the bran and also to separate large size from small size for quality provision. Packaging Part  includes:This is made up either of the auto packing machine or the manual packing machine depending with the client’s preferences.

flour mill machine
wheat flour from wheat flour mill machine

In addition to the above advantages, our company will also provide quality service for these flour mill machine:

  1. Two years spare parts delivered together with the machine

2.overseas service center available, 24hr after service:

Lusaka Zambia,Kinshasa RD congo, Addis  Ababa Ethiopia,Multan Pakistan

Durban South Africa,New Delhi India

3.Warranty 2 years about flour mill machine

4.Chinese professional engineer guide installation and commissioning

maize flour mill machine production flow.

flour mill machine
degerminator of flour mill machine


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For the flour mill machine, we have these advantages:

  1. We have made a long-term development relying on our solid technology, scientificmanagement, advanced facility as well as good after-sale service.
  2. We have been taking the researching and manufacturing of top grade grain

machinery as its responsibility, cooperating with many scientific research institution

and universities, attaching the importance to the talents and advanced technology

introduced from the outside world.

  1. We have made the marketable products of new and high quality management

system, owned our own factories and ready local markets, and enough energy to

export all around the world including Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia,

Mexico, Bangladesh, India, and African countries.

Know the above information about the flour mill machine, are you interested in our maize and wheat flour mill machine? Contact me freely with:

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flour mill machine

Alibaba has become the world’s largest e-commerce platform

A recent report by the Indian Internet Mobile Association (IAMAI) says there are about 370 million Internet users in India. With the popularity of the Internet, this figure will continue to grow, is expected to 2025 this Data will reach 580 million people, so India’s E-commerce platform contains unlimited potential. Such a big business opportunities must also attract the eyes of the world’s electricity business, Among them Amazon and Alibaba is one of the most representative.

flour mill machine

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At present, India’s most popular e-commerce platform to count Amazon and local companies Flip-kart.  Foreign media has pointed out that India has become the main battlefield of the global E – commerce war. But with Alibaba announced, “to Indonesia’s largest business platform, Indonesia’s largest website – Tokopedia investment of 1.1 billion dollars!” This undoubtedly declared an indisputable fact: the world’s largest electricity business platform – Alibaba, has been in the Southeast Asian market at unmatched speed in the growth.

Why are Southeast Asia six core countries Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia have welcomed Alibaba, rather than Amazon? The core reason is that Alibaba is better than Amazon to understand the developing market. Today’s Southeast Asia, with 600 million potential consumers, is expected to reach $ 200 billion in trading volume in 2025. And Southeast Asia to face everything, it is Alibaba experienced everything. Alibaba was born in the Big Bang of China, in the vigorous development of China, to expand the world’s seventh largest listed company. Not long ago, Alibaba market value exceeded 400 billion US dollars, ranking first in Asia, to a new height of Asian companies!

It is from scratch, led to China’s E – commerce, logistics infrastructure rocket-like upgrade, which is Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, South Asia subcontinent most in need of experience.

flour mill machine

For Alibaba, the vision has not landed on a little, but the global layout! And therefore get the maximum benefit, should be regarded as China-made goods. Because it opened a new door to enter the Southeast Asian market! Alibaba’s growth and development, for our Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery to develop a broader sales market for flour mill machine, brought new opportunities.

Our company as one of the leaders of China’s maize flour mill machine and wheat flour mill machine, is Alibaba 13 years member, through the Alibaba export flour mill machine business to Africa more than 20 countries.

For the maize flour mill machine  process, includes: input maize –cleaning the maize–maize moisture dampener — degerminator– roller milling — plansifter — super maize meal–packing, and all of these are using our latest research can meet the needs of many customers of the technology.  In the cleaning part we used the Japanese advanced technology double level stainless steel damper he stainless steel moisture bin degerminating and scrub germ and peel out.In the milling section, we used the autotmatic double roller mill, the stainless steel pipe.In the packaging part, it is fully automatic PLC control system of automatic packing scale.

flour mill machine
maize flour mill machine
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For the wheat flour mil machine complete line is made up of the cleaning section, milling section and the packaging section.

Cleaning section includes: Beat — Sceening — Destoner –Magnetic separator-Dampener. Milling Section  includes:Roller mill:To break the integrity by roller movement.—-Sifter: For separation of the flour and the bran and also to separate large size from small size for quality provision. Packaging Part  includes:This is made up either of the auto packing machine or the manual packing machine depending with the client’s preferences.


flour mill machine
wheat flour mill machine
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flour mill machine

The 60 tons per 24h wheat flour mill machine is being installed for Algerian client

In Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery, the wheat flour mill machine is another product on our product range. Our company has supplied the wheat flour milling machine to several countries across the world.The wheat flour mill machine processes wheat to produce fine wheat flour for bread, biscuits, chapati and a wide range of other wheat products.The wheat flour milling machine comes in different capacities ranging from the 5tonne/24hr to the 800tonne/24hr. The wheat flour machine can also be ordered with specifications to suit our clients’ preferences. And our wheat flour mill machine is very popular with African clients.

flour mill machine
The factory of flour mill machine

Recently, we have a set of 60t wheat flour mill machine is being installed in Algeria, which uses the pneumatic roller mill, plansifters, PLC control system technology. For this 60t/24h wheat flour mill machine from HDF Machinery, I have the following information to share with you.

1.Total length of the roller:8000mm


3.Flour extraction: To produce standard flour:75-82%                                                                                            To produce grade 2flour: 72-75%                                                                                                To produce grade 1flour: 60-68%

4.Flour quality: Obey the people’s republic of China’s GB1355-88 standard         Volume weight /g/L                                                                                                                       Faultiness grain content /%                                                                                                        Impurity content /% Mineral content /%                                                                            Moisture content /%                                                                                                           Odor content /%                                                                                                                     ≥750 ≤6.0 ≤1.0 ≤0.5 ≤13.5 natural                                                                                 Ash:to produce grade 2 flour: 0.80%(dry weight) to produce grade 1 flour:   0.70%(dry weight)

  1. Power supply: 251.72KW
  2. Container: 40’HQ× 5
flour mill machine
60 tons per 24h wheat flour mill machine
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The wheat flour mil machine complete line is made up of the cleaning section, milling section and the packaging section.

Cleaning section

1.Beat :This is to eliminate all the dirt like dust, bacteria and insect seed.

2.Sceening: This is to remove large and small impurities.

3.Destoner: To remove stones.

4.Magnetic separator: Remove all metal material in the wheat.

5.Dampener: This is ensure the bran’s integrity during the milling process.

flour mill machine
cleaning section of flour mill machine

Milling Section

1.Roller mill:To break the integrity by roller movement.

2.Sifter: For separation of the flour and the bran and also to separate large size from small size for quality provision.

Packaging Part

This is made up either of the auto packing machine or the manual packing machine depending with the client’s preferences.

flour mill machine
packing machine of flour mill machine


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If you buy a flour milling machine from our Hongdefa Machinery, we will provide you with a comprehensive after-sales service system. You will enjoy these benefits:

  1. Two years spare parts delivery together with the machine

2.over sea service center available, 24h after service:                                                            Lusaka Zambia, Ethiopia,Multan Pakistan                                                                              Durban South Africa,New Delhi India

3.Warranty 2years

4.Chinese professional engineer guide installation and commissioning.

flour mill machine
60 tons per 24h wheat flour mill machine from HDF Machinery
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If you are interested in our wheat flour mill machine, contact me freely:

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flour mill machine

Current Situation and Trend of Whole Grain Food Development

In the process of grain milling and food processing technology development, with the development of drum milling equipment, for centuries, mankind has been trying to make flour and rice more refined in pursuit of grain food. Fine white flour produced by the food has a good texture, taste, flavor and appearance, but also caused a lot of dietary fiber, vitamins, mineral elements and other nutrients loss. With the increasing incidence of obesity and overweight in developed and developing countries, the incidence of diseases associated with obesity and overweight is also increasing, and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease have become a society that affects health and wellness around the world problem. Grain as the most basic dietary source of human beings, plays a pivotal role in human health. Scientific and rational grain processing and consumption has aroused the concern of the community. In recent years, the cereal fortification enhancement project has tried to add some nutrients such as B vitamins and iron to compensate for some of the nutrients that are lost during the finishing process. However, this nutrient-fortified product still does not have all the nutritional ingredients of whole grains.

Since the 1980s, the developed countries have done a lot of research on the nutritional value of whole grains. Recent studies have shown that the whole valley in addition to dietary fiber, but also includes antioxidant ingredients and other physiologically active substances, these physiologically active substances may be through a single component or mutual combination or synergies to produce a variety of health effects. Most of the nutritional components of the “whole grain nutrition package” synergies more than individual nutrients more conducive to human health. According to the US Grain Board, the health effects of whole grains include a 30% to 36% reduction in stroke risk, a 21% to 30% reduction in type 2 diabetes, a 25% to 28% reduction in heart disease risk, and a favorable weight control. The results of these studies are based primarily on large epidemiological and group studies in the United States and Northern Europe. A study in the United States showed that obese adults who consumed whole grains had a significantly lower proportion of C-reactive protein (CRP) and abdominal fat than edible finishing cereals. On the basis of a summary of these large research reports, the governments of the United States, Britain, Sweden and other developed countries have issued a number of health claims about the whole grain. Europe and the United States developed the whole grain consumption is showing a rapid development momentum.

flour mill machine
wheat structure

At present the international (including Codex) has not yet unified the whole grain ingredients with full grain food definition. In 1999, the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) defined Wholegrain as complete, crushed, crushed or compressed caryopsis, consisting essentially of starchy endosperm, germ and bran, and components The relative proportions are the same as the complete caryopsis. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines the whole grain almost the same as the whole grain definition of AACC, but further clarifies the range of whole grains, and the beans, oil and potato are not part of the whole grain. However, the current definition of the whole grain there are still many controversies, operability is not strong. The author believes that a clear and unified definition of whole grain food will be an important foundation for the healthy development of whole cereal food in the world. It is necessary for the academia and industry to work together to unify the whole grain concept all over the world.

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wheat grain

Next, we look at the Development Trend of Whole Cereal Food Research in the World.

Since the 1980s, the whole grain food nutrition, Health and its processing has gradually attracted the academic circles, industry and government of developed countries, especially in the past 10 to 15 years, the developed countries to the whole Grain interest has become particularly prominent.

The first international ceremonial event was held in 1993 by the US Department of Agriculture, General Mills and the American Meal Association. After each year on the whole theme of the whole grain held annual meeting. With the deepening of research, the importance of the health of whole grains has been paid more and more attention, and different organizations have launched more and more international ceremonies related to whole grains to further promote the research and interest of whole grains. The first European cereal meeting was held in Paris in 1997. The International Conference on Whole Cereals and Health was held in Finland in 2001 to comprehensively discuss the whole grain and health science; and then in the United States of America in Minnesota and California, Healthy international conference. In 2002 the United States established the Whole grain council (WGC) in Boston. In 2007, Kansas established a “win” full grain international network organization, currently with the United States, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Australia and Japan to participate. From 2005 to 2010, the EU launched a comprehensive project on “healthy cereals”, which aims to increase the overall food consumption of Europeans to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and improve living standards. The project set up a technical and nutrition team of experts to conduct research to determine the quality of healthy cereal food standards, research and development of dietary fiber, oligosaccharides, phytochemicals of the health promotion of grain components corresponding to the current technology Has 43 research and development cooperation units from 15 European countries, and an industrial platform with 40 companies. In addition, Australia has established a food and food cooperation research center, the academic community, government, industry to form a joint cooperation platform to study the development of healthy, consumer-friendly food food.

The current grain mill and traditional food processing technology has undergone about 100 years of development. A key factor in the development of whole grain food is how to apply modern technology for modern food processing to overcome the shortcomings of the current processing methods. Excellent taste and flavor, but also has the role of nutrition and nutrition whole grain food. In a complete whole grain chain, from the selection of raw materials, breeding, to the food harvest, storage, milling, processing and other sectors, we should gradually shift the focus to the role of food health care up. First of all, a key issue is the need to study the mechanism of whole grains and health, the majority of the evidence is mainly derived from epidemiological studies, and this study is mainly through the dietary survey to carry out. The second is to improve the quality of food for whole grains. From the perspective of cereal science and technology, at least the following aspects will be the need for continuous exploration in the future for a long time, such as the identification, characterization and bioavailability of bioactive components in whole grains; the whole grain structure Sensory characteristics and nutritional characteristics of the whole; whole grain food processing and preservation of new technology research that you; emerging market-friendly whole grain food research and development; whole grain food production research and control.

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15tons per 24h maize flour mill machine


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Here are some measures to promote the whole grain food abroad for reference.

The first one: American

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which was signed in 1999, said that a diet rich in whole grains and other plant foods and low total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol could reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. According to the American Guide and the Food Pyramid, it is clear that half of the cereal food consumed every day should be whole grain and should eat at least 3 servings of whole grain food per day to reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and help with weight control The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and American Cancer Society are also particularly recommended to increase the consumption of whole grains.

What kind of standard can be marked as whole grain food? This is a controversial topic. At present, the US FDA’s definition is that the total weight of the product 51% and above for the whole grain products can be marked as whole grain food. As long as the product meets this condition, it can be shown on the product: “rich in whole grains, low total fat, low saturated fat and cholesterol, can reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancer.” Because there is no laboratory test method for total cereal content, the FDA requires that the content of dietary fiber equivalent to or above wheat be the criterion. Brown rice, although the fiber content is not high wheat, but 100% of the whole grain food. In order to make it easy for consumers to identify whole grains, the US Grain Board has approved the use of a full grain mark, and many food manufacturers are their members, and this full grain logo clearly shows the total grain per serving.

The second one: England

The Joint Health Claims Program (JHCI) in 2002 published an authoritative document on whole grain food, namely: “A person with a healthy heart tends to eat more whole grain food as part of a healthy lifestyle.” , This health claim must also meet the six conditions set by the JHCI Expert Committee. In January 2008 British Bakels, a UK-based large ingredient supplier, was granted the full grain product logo of the US Full Grain Commission, and as long as the product contains at least half (8g) of whole grains, it can be labeled with full grain to promote the whole of the UK Food consumption.

The last one: Sweden

In 2003, Sweden approved a health claim on whole grains: “A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet rich in whole grains can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and product (X) is a food rich in whole grains [ Contains the total grain content of (Y)%. “The percentage of total cereal content must be at least 50% of the total dry basis of the food, and there are strict limits on fat, sugar and salt content.

In short, the whole grain food in the development of the world is also a long way to go, the world only the United States, Britain and Sweden, the three countries have a special whole grain health claims, the lack of an international full grain health claims. At the same time, it is necessary to develop a global standard for whole grain food labeling and corresponding terminology.

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World whole grain food development, market development and consumption.

1—-Product Development and Market Development of Whole Cereal Food in the World

According to the US Cereal Board’s information, the consumption of whole grain food is in the stage of rapid development. New product development of whole grain food has grown dramatically since 2000. According to Mintel’s new global product database, new products for whole grains in the world increased by 15 times compared to 2000, and as of March 31, 2008, there were about 2368 full-grain products entering the market in 2007 , While in 2000 only 164 species, an increase of 1344% (see Table 1, slightly). In recent years, the fastest growing demand for whole grain food is the United States, which is largely due to the successful action of the American Grain Board.

2—Status of Whole Cereal Food Consumption at Home and Abroad

At present, the whole grain food research promotion and development of the earlier US, UK and Sweden issued the authority of the whole grain health claims and recommended intake, such as the American Dietary Guidelines explicitly recommend consumers to eat at least 3 whole grains of food every day. In spite of this, the average daily intake of whole grains in the United States is still less than one day, and it is estimated that less than 10% of people in the United States currently consume 3 whole grains per day.

According to the European HealthGrain (a project to promote the development of whole grain products), 95% of British adults and 94% of children do not reach 3 daily total cereal recommended intake. About 30% of British adults and 27% of children in the week of the investigation period, do not consume any whole grain food.

At present, China in the whole grain research also began to pay attention, but it is not enough. The consumption of large grains still remain in the pursuit of fine white flour, rice, good taste and flavor. Although a small number of enterprises in the research and development to promote the germination of brown rice, whole wheat flour, stone powder, etc., but in general China’s whole grain food research and development is lagging behind, the lack of healthy grain consumption guide, the whole grain products on the market, sales, Specification for cereal food.

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The development prospects and trends of whole grain food.

At present, the developed countries on the whole grain food keen interest and interest of the rapid growth, largely due to the role of consumers on the whole grain health concerns. Europe and the United States on the whole grain nutrition and health, processing technology, publicity and education, market and consumption and other areas of research very seriously, to a certain extent, a whole grain movement is set off in Europe and the United States.

In the whole grain nutrition and health, the current focus on the whole cereal physiologically active substances and their bioavailability, the mechanism of health care for chronic diseases, clinical intervention research and so on. In the consumer and education research, the main focus on the whole grain-related standards, regulations, the role of whole grain health promotion and consumption barriers assessment, consumer market changes and other aspects of research. In the field of cereal science and technology, the main focus on the whole grain food flavor, texture, color and other sensory characteristics of the improved research, the development of the whole market-friendly whole grain food, whole grain food and its physiological components of the production control research.

According to the International Food Information Committee consumer’s attitude towards health food research results, consumers are most concerned about the six health food or ingredients in the whole grain and dietary fiber accounted for two, and 71% of Americans want to eat more Whole grain. The United States and Europe have established cooperative research platforms composed of academia, industry, government, education department, farmers, health organizations and so on. Therefore, it is foreseeable that whole grain food will be more widely concerned in the world, its market will also be rapid development, which undoubtedly on our diet and food consumption concept, until human  health have a profound impact.

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degerminator of flour mill machine

For grain, it is important to choose a high quality grain flour mill machine. Our Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery can supply customized flour mill machine for different clients depend on different client’s purpose,especially maize and wheat flour mill machine. Like Uganda client want super white maize flour, Tanzania client want Pure maize flour, Rwanda client want fine maize flour and so on. our flour mill machine can really meet your needs. Is there any flour mill machine do you want.

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maize flour mill machine
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Wheat and maize flat floor storage input belt conveyor and adjustable ground cage

Wheat and maize Flat floor storage cost is low, simple and practical construction, storage capacity is big, but the storage input is a problem , most of the domestic flat storage input use mobile belt conveyor, manual operation input, slow, labor intensity. A foreign mobile multi-point feed belt machine can completely solve the problem.

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The wheat or maize input pit is simple,iron sheet,with the collect hopper and climbing scraper bucket.but it seems no dust collector.flour mill machine

Flat warehouse can be divided into a number of small storage room, easy to store different types of grain,The galvanized steel sheet can be used on both sides and on both sides .The middle of the use of cable tension fixed.

flour mill machine

Multi-point unloading belt is a removable / telescopic main belt machine. Wheat/maize  is conveyed through the main belt conveyor to another movable belt conveyor. You can achieve, before and after the four directions to move the discharg. The structure is similar to the palletizing belt conveyor in our flour storage.

It is necessary for outdoor conveyors to use galvanized materials. This photo can be seen with a small pulse dust collector. It seems the input wheat or maize capacity is not big. Look at the photo estimated hoist about 100 tons / hour it.

This is the top of the scene photos, belt machine is not closed.

If the belt far from the ground , the warehouse should be more dust.

Look at the middle of the photo block with wood

Storage input is obvious, input height is higher.

The following description of the second storage equipment

Retractable cage

Domestic wheat or maize  storage with the cage is very simple,

Upside down on the floor of the warehouse

Before input need assembly the pieces

Output wheat or maize need demolition

Labor intensity

But also easy to damage

Abroad, this ground cage can be said to completely solve all these problem

Good magic, structural principles

Is it similar to our flour mill’s retractable crash hoses?

Input wheat/maize open

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When the wheat or maize  is pulled out directly with the trailer


Do not delay the mechanical discharge

With multi-point wheat/maize feed belt machine use, really easy

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The installation experience of wheat flour mill machine

Wheat Flour mill machinery, there is many machines and between the machine have connection. In order to improve work efficiency, improve the quality of the project, carefully read the drawings before installation, inspection site, in order to determine the better construction program. The operation of the process to fully integrate the actual situation on the scene, rather than blindly according to the design drawings for cutting and equipment layout. At the same time, construction must pay attention to the safety of personnel and equipment.

high quality of wheat flour mill machine
wheat flour mill machine

National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the “food industry” second five “development plan” is expected by 2015 to deal with wheat 400t / d above the proportion of enterprises will increase to more than 65% Increase by 15 percentage points, the author of these years involved in the installation and commissioning of the flour mill single line of the daily processing capacity has reached a minimum of 400t / d, and at least two production lines at the same time boot. This trend of development to the flour equipment installation industry has brought great opportunities for development, but also to the installation work put forward higher requirements, bringing greater challenges.

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1.Flour equipment installation requirements and the difficulty
The quality of the installation project not only to meet the national and industry standards, such as: GB50300-2013 “construction quality acceptance of a unified standard”, GB 50231-2009 “mechanical equipment installation and acceptance of the general norms”, but also to meet the construction The special requirements of the unit. In ensuring the use of functions, operation and inspection and maintenance of the premise, the enterprise will be on the overall external appearance of the demanding requirements. We may one-sidedly believe that the installation of equipment is nothing more than in accordance with the layout of the main map, auxiliary equipment in place fixed, according to profile, elevation to determine the direction and elevation of the pipeline can be. In fact, not yet, because there is no specific food machine equipment for the installation of standards and norms, the installation process a lot of practices are drawing on the experience of other projects to operate. This requires practitioners with a wealth of experience in installation and commissioning. In addition, because the flour mill of each device is not isolated, and its front and rear, up and down, are related to the equipment with the match, which requires the installation staff to have a global view, before proceeding to establish the overall idea of ​​installation, Clear the connection between the equipment, must not blindly start. Flour mill installation difficulty is mainly concentrated in the following two aspects: First, the process is complex, many channels. Modern milling process to promote light grinding subdivision, strengthen the classification, especially the high-sieve outlet between the powder pipe, with “so much” to describe it is not too much, but also with a lot of tee and fighting, the pipeline not only Easy to get wrong, and there may be between the pipeline space conflict. Another major reason is that the flour mill pipeline has the installation angle requirements. As the flour mill raw materials, finished products, finished products and by-products have their own self-slip angle (wheat 27 ~ 31 °, milling intermediate 37 ~ 44 °, standard powder 40 ~ 44 °, bran 37 ~ 40 °) , Therefore, the first task of pipeline installation is to ensure that the material can be smooth in which circulation, followed by consideration of beauty.

  • Examples of flour mill equipment installation 

1) Output screw under the bin of clean section

Construction drawings tend to mark the installation height of the conveyor and the installation location, which are understandable, but also a complete design drawings indispensable. However, the installation staff may be based on profile, elevation drawings made in advance of the size of the conveyor belt, while ignoring the actual situation of the scene. The size of the drawings is an ideal condition, but the construction of the building will inevitably produce some changes (floor thickness error, the bottom of the ground elevation error, etc.), and sometimes even a more substantial change, so as to give Subsequent equipment installation work is difficult. In order to prevent the material from flowing out of the automatic classification phenomenon, clean up the wheat warehouse is often designed as a multi-export form, all the export of the slip pipe pool to a bucket and then by the wheat into the screw conveyor, so the top of the conveyor to leave enough Height is used to install the collection bucket and with wheat, but the conveyor can not be installed too low, because it also down the hoisting machine feeding. So the conveyor height of the conveyor to meet the wheat from the slip angle of the premise can be installed as low as possible in order to collect the bucket and with the wheat to leave enough space, but also to facilitate the daily management and maintenance, and unnecessary According to the height of the drawings marked to the production and installation.


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2) Input conveyor at the top of the bin installation

General  roof are open-air, reserved holes can not be arbitrarily changed, changes may lead to the warehouse into the water, resulting in mildew of grain. On the other hand, the current capacity of the vertical silo are in the direction of large-scale development, is often tens of thousands of tons of capacity, due to the large number of target storage, transport distance is longer, scraper scraper is often arranged in sections, by The former scraper back to a feeding, the same scraper material may be able to enter two rows or even more positions. In order to save the material, the scraper is often tilted, the inlet is low and the outlet is high, and each outlet has a slip tube and a pneumatic gate. The above technical requirements and characteristics of the scraper machine to fully determine the minimum installation height, below the minimum installation height to ensure that the wheat from the slip angle. Therefore, in determining the installation height of the scraper must be in advance to understand the actual situation at the scene (reserved hole position is correct, scraper material to enter the target, etc.), rather than blindly according to profile, elevation On the size of the production scale, if the civil construction process errors or errors may cause the actual installation height changes, rework time is a waste of material and labor-intensive.

3)Some machine installation Precautions

As the structure of the device itself and the working principle, the installation, one can not damage its vulnerable parts, two to ensure that its normal, stable work required for the basic conditions. Some precision equipment, such as measuring scales, gravity meters, balers, water control, etc., these devices are equipped with a sensing device, in the installation to avoid strong electric field, magnetic field and high temperature environment, welding or gas cutting Should pay attention to protection. In addition, the installation must be adjusted to a good level, installed firmly to avoid shaking to ensure its measurement accuracy, the equipment bracket or base to be self-contained, can not be shared with other stents or connected In order to ensure the accuracy of the sensor operation, such equipment requirements upstream The flow rate is stable, so the upper end of the general requirements are required to install the buffer bucket or buffer elbow to reduce the impact of incoming to ensure the stability of the flow. Take the water controller as an example

Bucket elevator hopper Level indicator level high/low  No work                                                                                                             ↓                                                                                                                                Micro process unit

                                                                                                          ↓                                                      Down-hopper Pneumatic valves    ← The electromagnetic valve←compress air

The traditional process of wheat and wheat are out of the “one clean” treatment by the hoist to the top, then enter the water control device to detect the real-time flow of wheat and the initial moisture content, the controller and then set the target Moisture content to determine the water machine water. From the control device to detect changes in the flow of wheat to indicate the change in the amount of water to change the amount of water will be less time, if the flow of incoming instability will lead to water is not accurate and thus affect the grinding and grinding effect. In addition, the water control device to detect the initial moisture content of wheat requires the hopper in the wheat level to maintain a certain height so that the detection probe can be detected, if the material is too high or too low, the hopper below the gate will be corresponding Adjust the opening degree of their

own in order to maintain the level of wheat in the hopper, if the upstream flow of the incoming flow can not be maintained at a stable level, then the gate opening degree will change frequently, the gate opening degree changes first identified by the probe Information feedback to the micro-red space may cause the hoisting machine blocking material, causing the system to stop. Such as the details are easy to be ignored, the drawings are also very difficult to fully express it, which gives managers and the quality of the installation staff made a high demand.

  • Safety when installation

The last and most important is the safety of the installation process, including personal and device safety. Welding, gas cutting should pay attention to the work below the staff and equipment, personnel leave the time to cut off the power and gas source, after get off work to arrange full-time staff to inspect. Personal safety is the most important, even if the

installation of the perfect flaw, if there is a security incident will be a vote veto. Especially in the early installation, equipment and pipelines are not in place, more holes reserved, be sure to do a good job of holes and edge protection and warning work, at the same time to strengthen the training, the construction workers to carry out safety education, improve its Own security awareness.

4 Total

Flour milling machine  installation requires practitioners with a global view and clear ideas, according to the actual situation of the scene to adjust the construction of the program flexibility, and not mechanically according to the design drawings for equipment and pipe connections. Under the basic premise to meet the functional realization, we should strive to make the equipment layout reasonable, the pipeline to the beautiful. Problems that are not found and resolved during the installation process are exposed during commissioning, especially when commissioning is carried out. Due to the material when the pipe material, this time the changes will cost more time and effort, so the installation must be taken seriously, to find and solve the problem, as far as possible in the installation to be handled, must not be opportunistic, only so When debugging can be done confidently, leisurely.


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No place to hide grain impurities —–impurity rapid detector

The grain in the growth, harvesting, threshing, storage and transportation process, there will be mixed with a variety of impurities, not only affect the quality of grain, grade and price, but also affect the processing technology and food quality.Some unscrupulous traders will even deliberately mixed with a lot of impurities, shoddy, access to illegal interests.

Rapid impurity detector can quickly and accurately measure the various impurities in the food in one minute, and classify the impurities and classify the grain.

flour mill machine
Rapid impurity detector

Working principle of the rapid impurity detector:

Grain samples through the feed port into the equipment, through the feed roller, wind chamber and other testing agencies, due to impurities and grain  in the volume, suspension speed, particle size and friction coefficient are not the same, the use of wind selection, screening, grading and other technologies, The impurities and broken grain from the grain separated.

flour milling machine
Working principle of the rapid impurity detector

Functional use: rapid detection of grain containing the rate, the grain classification and so on.

Scope: grain and oil processing enterprises, grain reserves, grain purchasing and storage providers, grain testing and testing institutions, such as the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Applicable materials: wheat, barley, rapeseed, corn, rice, soybean, sunflower, flax, millet, lentils, mustard, oats, rye, safflower, sesame seeds and sorghum.

flour mill machine

Our Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery’s milling machine has a complete set of operating systems, in which the cleaning system can remove impurities in the grain for you.

In cleaning system use maize cleaner, destoner, magnetic separator ect to remove the impurities, such as stones, dust, straw to get the clean raw material.The clean raw material transport by bucket elevator to moisture damper.

flour mill machine
Cleaning system of flour mill machine


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