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Digital Moisture Meter is the introduction of foreign advanced sensor and microprocessor technology, manufacturing high-performance, digital moisture measuring instruments. Principle of using high-frequency devices, digital display, sensors and the host into one, with 11 stalls used to measure a variety of grain moisture. Measuring moisture wide range, high precision, and small size, light weight and portable on-site rapid tests. Of food industry, acquisition, test its products ideal instrument moisture.

一、Technical performance

1、 measuring moisture range: 0% ~ 80%
2、 use of the environment: -5 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
3、 precision: ± 0.3%
4、 showing: LED display
5、size: 530 × 70 × 35mm
6、 weight: 0.36kg
7、power supply: 1 knot 9V battery (6F22)
8、unique sensor design and production methods are beyond the normal ability to penetrate.
9、proprietary sensor technology, the scope of work contributions, can be inserted measurement, quick display.
10、stable performance, high quality, portable instrument case as proprietary design.

二、Work Environment:

Temperature: -5 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Humidity: ≤ 85% RH

三、How it works:

The instrument is the introduction of foreign advanced technology uses high-frequency theory, that is, the instrument has one natural frequency, the measured water content of different things, pass through the sensor into the machine frequency is different from the difference between the frequencies of two, after the frequency-current converter to convert digital display.

四、Instructions for use:

Moisture Meter for contact measuring instruments, measuring the premise that sensitive parts of the sensor (multi-10mm less than in the preceding paragraph) with the measured object full access to, in general, the sensor probe into the sensitive areas should be measured as much as possible within the object in order to reduce measurement error.
EUT around the metal if it will lead to measurements are not accurate, and called for sensors sensitive parts of the house should be inserted around the 20cm metals.


1、handheld instruments, the sensor probe body rotation into the socket, appropriated for the switch ON, LED screen displays 0 ± 00.5, such as outside its scope, we should slowly adjust the zero knob, so that figures show that less than that in the 0 ± 00.5 be.
2、 according to EUT stall different options:
Millet,Rice,wheat, sold, corn flour, wheat flour, peanut flour, starch,
mung beans, sunflower seeds rice, sunflower seedscorn, Kidney beans, red beans, adzuki bean.Soybean
3、 will probe into the measured object, the generation of digital stable, indicating the number of measured values of material moisture. 45 seconds automatically shut down.
4、the digital calibration: Due to a variety of dielectric materials are very different, these stalls for the proposed stalls, such as the use of error can be corrected through traditional methods, such as the measured Reagent water is 5%, with 7 files tests showed values of 4%, counter-clockwise rotating dial allows the display to show 5%, look at dial position is referred to a few at a later time measurement of the same material that choose this gear. If the display value is greater than the actual water content values, the dial clockwise, so that numerical values to the actual water. Similarly, this and the next stall. Since then you can not check.
5、 replace the battery:
When the zero knob does not adjust to the 0 ± 00.5 or less or a digital display on the erratic jump, please replace a 9V battery (6F22). Level will be pushed back up the battery back cover to replace a 9V battery, if battery power,
Open the battery cover, took out the battery with a small screwdriver adjustment on the side of a small brass screws (potentiometer) to adjust the case of positive counter-clockwise and vice versa clockwise.

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