ST2100 Near-infrared grain analyzer

ST2100 Near-infrared grain analyzer
ST2100 Near-infrared grain analyzer

Portable near-infrared grain analyzer is suitable for high-efficiency, rapid, non-destructive, quantitative analysis of samples of water, protein, starch, fat and other indicators. It can be widely used in the detection and analysis of soybeans, rapeseed, wheat and other cereals. Quality identification provides a quick test method. The instrument can be used in different occasions such as laboratory, workshop, vehicle, and field.

Main technical indicators of the instrument

·Spectrum range: 680-1050nm
· Resolution: better than 10nm
·The sample cell optical path can be adjusted: 6mm, 10mm, 18mm, 25mm, 29mm
· Detector: Silicon Diode Array
·Measurement method: transmission, up to 10 subsamples can be detected in a single measurement

Instrument function index

· Efficient and fast: only 1-2 minutes, simultaneously measuring a variety of indicators of the sample, greatly shortening the detection cycle
· Scientific and precise: the instrument adopts patent injection technology, fully automatic collection of multiple sub-samples for analysis, combined with advanced optimization
Select algorithm to improve the accuracy and stability of instrument detection results
·Flexible and diverse: According to the sample particle size, select the appropriate sample cell optical path module to achieve different sample detection
· Non-destructive: sample does not need to be ground, can be injected into the whole grain
·Intelligent analysis: equipped with E-Test software, with self-test, model correction, wavelength correction, test, report automatic generation
Other functions
·Easy operation: 8 inch IPS capacitive touch screen, windows10 operating system, can be mastered by simple training
·Compatible power supply design: meet the needs of different occasions, can work outdoors all day
· Support Internet applications: provide USB type A, USB type B, RJ45 network interface, can access the Internet.

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