ST114Cflour checking sieve

ST114Cflour checking sieve(high standard)
ST114Cflour checking sieve

ST114C circular power checking sifter obey the request of newest national standard GB/T5507-2008<grain and oil testing, flour fineness testing , sample flour being sieved on different standard sieve surface, different granular material were separated, thus calculate the fineness of grain according to the residual quantity. It adopts Worm gear and worm which has stable center of gravity, high accuracy doing variable transmission. Via eccentric link, it does plane rotating movement,the Compressor arm bas, which is connected with the tray, can tighten the sifter, electronic timer controlled by singlechip has features of high precision, easy operation, realize time setting, timekeeping, emergency stop, goes back zero automatically. The Technical indexes of this machine
Fully matchGB/T5507—2008 National standard.


Max sieving quantity: 200g
Tactical diameter: 50mm
sifter frame area: Φ 300mm(diameter)
Height of sifter frame:30mm
Rotating speed: 260r/min
Timing scope: 0 ~15 min ( adjustable )
motor power:120W
operating voltage:AC220V
overall dimension: 440mm × 340mm × 255mm

Frame types bore diameter (mm)
CQ10 710um(25mesh)
CQ16 0.427(41 mesh)
CQ20 0.336(51 mesh)
CQ27 0.242(69 mesh)
CB30 0.198(76 mesh)
CB36 0.160(91 mesh)
CB42 0.137(107 mesh)

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