ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter

ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter
ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter
ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter
ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter

ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter is a new-generation moisture instrument that recommend by our company, the meter improved a lot on its performance, compared with traditional meter, now it save time and energy, reduced the human factor effect, easy to use, suit to the requirement of Grain Collection and Storage Industry and Laboratory. The meter has follwing advantages:

1.Fast measuring speed, no need grinding, save time and energy, solved the conflict between inside moisture and strong grinding.
2.Wide measuring range of moisture up to 3-38%.
3.Sampling tube with uniform drop material device, the measure result is reliable, accuracy and good repeatability.
4.No need weighting, reasonable structure make the reading unchanged when grain sampling amount in the ±10% of its rated value. Improved the adaptbility of the products.
5.Wide working range, moisture temperature auto compensation, during the temperature range of -10~+40℃, the moisture compensation can realise good tracking.
6.Super low power consumption. The working current less than 0.1mA. 8 hours continuous working everyday. When it appear with low battery voltage, the meter will prompt to change battery. The meter will shut down by itself after 30 minutes when leave unused.
7.the meter can measure more than 10 types, can satisfy the requirement of most customers.
8.The amendment of district difference can be adjusted directly on the panel(-2.0~+3.0), easy to amend.

II、1. Structure Diagram
2. Meter panel
Meter panel
Meter panel
III、 Operation Instructions

1.Press the power switch Button to open the power, screen displays:

1 step


2.If the display grain is not the kind to measure, press the setting button, kind number is flickering

2 step


press + or – key to adjust the grain category. At last, press the setting key to back out setting state and enter standby state.

2-1 step

2-2 step


3.Shut off the drop material gate of sampling tube, take one flat circle grain sample and put it on the meter, then press the drop material switch, the grain sample fall into the meter uniformly.

3 step

① Put material in to the box
② Take off funnel
③ Leveling sample by funnel
④ Ready for test moisture content

4.Press the moisture button to measure the moisture, press the temperature button to measure the temperature of the tested grain sample.
5.Take down the sampling tube, place upside down the meter, drop off the tested grain sample, shut off the drop material gate of sampling tube so as to use next time.
6.Press the powe button, shut off the power, or the meter will shut off by itself 30 minutes if leave unused,


IV、District Difference Modification

The same category of grain could make some error because of different district, so the meter has modification function for different districts.
Enter the grain category setting state before entering modification state, then constantly press the setting key 3 seconds, the meter could display the number between -2.0~+3.0. This number is the modification size of measured grain (All grain modification size is zero when leaving factory):
Then press the + – key to adjust modification size.
Adjust to the right number and press down the setting key, the modification date will be saved in the computer:
Same as the grain state, The meter will return to working state without any operation in 30 seconds.
Note: only current grain modification size is changed in each adjusting, other category grain are not affected.

V、 Attentions

1.Before using, the meter and grain to be tested should be put in the same environment for a time. This can achieve temperature balance between grain and the meter, and makes the testing result more accurate.
2.To large grain such as corn etc, we suggest multimetering and take its average value so as to reduce the measuring error.
3.No Hitting
4.Replace the battery timely when one battery sign appear on the LCD.
5.After putting the grain into the meter, if can keeping it 1-2 minutes and let the meter feel the grain temperature sufficiently, it can get more accurate result.

VI 、Meter Attachment

1.01 set Meter
2.01 pc 9V battery.
3.01 set sampling tube
4.01 pair brush
5.01 set operation manual
6.Certificate Quality
7.01 set meter packing box..

VII、 Performance Index

1.Battery Type: 9V (model:6F22).
2.Measuring Type: granular grain, please check the grain table on the left of meter for detail.
3.Measuring error≤0.5%, repeat error≤0.2%.
4.Max.range of moisture measurement: 3%~40%(there are difference under different type and temperature).
5.Range of extreme working temperature: -20℃~50℃. Recommended range of working temperature: 0℃~+40℃.

VIII、 Enterprise Commitment

1.Under regular service conditions, if the meter breaks down due to quality matters within two years after purchase, the customer can enjoy after-sales service for free maintenance or change.
2.As for the products that exceed two-year warranty, we supply free maintenance service, and only charge the material cost.

Attachment: Grain Code Comparison Table

Code Grain Code Grain
1 Wheat 6 oilseeds
2 Corn 7 rice
3 japonica rice 8 broomcorn
4 indica rice 9 foxtail millet
5 soybean 10 sesame

Technical data:

Test range 3-35%
Measurement error rate ±0.5%
Repeated error rate ≤0.2%
Test time 10s
Ambient temperature 0~40℃
Display method Dot matrix backlight LED
Power 4 pieces 5AA battery or 5A DC stabilized power supply
Net Weight 790g
For Various grains moisture test:

different grain

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