ST-06E water saving automatic crude fat meter

ST-06E water saving automatic crude fat meter
ST-06E water saving automatic crude fat meter
First, the product overview:

The ST-06E water-saving automatic fat measuring instrument is an automatic fat measuring instrument designed and developed according to the national standard GB/T14772-2008. The ST-06E water-saving automatic fat measuring instrument is based on the classical Soxhlet extraction principle. A greasy method to determine the fat content of a sample to be tested. The instrument has various automatic extraction and extraction modes such as Soxhlet extraction, hot extraction, Soxhlet extraction, continuous flow and standard hot extraction. The instrument can automatically realize extraction, rinsing, organic solvent recovery and other humanization. Features.
The fat analyzer is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, food, environmental and industrial industries. It is mainly used for the determination of fats in foods, dairy products and feeds. It is also suitable for the determination of soluble organic compounds in detergents, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, fiber products, soils and sludge.
The advantage of the ST-06E: the unique compressor cooling method, the coolant inside the instrument circulates without the need to connect cooling water.

Second, product design features:

※ It is suitable for use in various organic solvents, including petroleum ether, ether, acetone, dichloromethane, n-hexane, alcohols, imitations and all organic solvents of benzene;

※ The standard method of automatic Soxhlet extraction, the extraction container is made of glass and nylon, excellent corrosion resistance and sealing performance, to prevent the introduction of any interfering substances, the accuracy of the measurement results is high;

※ One-button automatic running function, one-button start heating and condensation function, convenient and quick to use;

※ 4.3-inch true color touch screen display, the experimental state shows an intuitive image, which is convenient for the experimenter to observe the whole extraction process;

※ Preset the common heating and heating program, convenient and quick one-click selection of heating solvent heating program;

※ One-piece metal heating method, fast heating, high temperature control precision, unique stainless steel heating protective shell, resistant to organic solvent corrosion, beautiful and beautiful;

※ User-friendly touch screen operation interface, friendly human-computer interaction system;

※ The unique linear bearing lifting system of the extractor is safe, reliable and can ensure the good sealing performance of the extraction system;

※ The unique extraction filter cup holder automatic lifting function ensures that the sample is immersed in organic solvent at the same time, which helps to improve the consistency of sample measurement results;

※ The organic solvent heating system has a unique temperature programming function, which has the functions of ordinary constant temperature, timing and timing;

※ The electrical control system is completely separated from the extraction cooling system and has strong system safety;

※ The unique heat insulation technology of the heating system ensures that the outer shell of the instrument has a normal temperature and has the dual function of heat insulation;

Third, product technical parameters:
Temperature control range: Room temperature ~ 300 ° C
Measuring range: 0~100%
Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
Measuring sample weight: 0.5~15g
Sample analysis quantity: 6piece/batch
Solvent Cup Volume: 80ml
Solvent Recovery Rate: ≥85%
Sample Analysis Time: Save time compared to classic methods 30~80%
System Control Mode: PLC+True color touch screen
Extractor Lifting System: Stepper motor + linear bearing
Working Power: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Rated Power: 2000W
Dimensions (L×W×H): 700mm×370mm×810mm
Package Size (L×W×H): 800mm×470mm×910mm
Net Weight: 51㎏
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