Why more and more clients came to buy flour mill machine from Hongdefa Machinery?

flour mill machine

Why more and more clients came to buy flour mill machine from Hongdefa Machinery?

Established in 1982, Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co. Ltd has become one of the leading supplier of maize and wheat flour mill machinery. With European technology, South Africa maize process, China wheat process, we roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill machine and maize flour mill machine. And we provide professional design, manufacture, installation, commissioning packages about flour mill machine for African clients.

flour mill machine
the factory of flour mill machine

Next, I will introduce you to our flour mill machine, so that you clearly know why more and more clients from our company to buy flour mill machine.

For the maize flour mill machine process, includes: input maize –cleaning the maize–maize moisture dampener — degerminator– roller milling — plansifter — super maize meal–packing, and all of these are using our latest research can meet the needs of many customers of the technology.

flour mill machine
maize flour mill machine


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In the cleaning part we used the Japanese advanced technology double level stainless steel damper he stainless steel moisture bin degerminating and scrub germ and peel out.In the milling section, we used the autotmatic double roller mill, the stainless steel pipe.In the packaging part, it is fully automatic PLC control system of automatic packing scale.

flour mill machine
corn grits of maize flour mill machine

For the wheat flour mil machine complete line is made up of the cleaning section, milling section and the packaging section.

flour mill machine
wheat flour mill machine


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Cleaning section includes: Beat — Sceening — Destoner –Magnetic separator-Dampener. Milling Section  includes:Roller mill:To break the integrity by roller movement.—-Sifter: For separation of the flour and the bran and also to separate large size from small size for quality provision. Packaging Part  includes:This is made up either of the auto packing machine or the manual packing machine depending with the client’s preferences.

flour mill machine
wheat flour from wheat flour mill machine

In addition to the above advantages, our company will also provide quality service for these flour mill machine:

  1. Two years spare parts delivered together with the machine

2.overseas service center available, 24hr after service:

Lusaka Zambia,Kinshasa RD congo, Addis  Ababa Ethiopia,Multan Pakistan

Durban South Africa,New Delhi India

3.Warranty 2 years about flour mill machine

4.Chinese professional engineer guide installation and commissioning

maize flour mill machine production flow.

flour mill machine
degerminator of flour mill machine


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For the flour mill machine, we have these advantages:

  1. We have made a long-term development relying on our solid technology, scientificmanagement, advanced facility as well as good after-sale service.
  2. We have been taking the researching and manufacturing of top grade grain

machinery as its responsibility, cooperating with many scientific research institution

and universities, attaching the importance to the talents and advanced technology

introduced from the outside world.

  1. We have made the marketable products of new and high quality management

system, owned our own factories and ready local markets, and enough energy to

export all around the world including Russia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia,

Mexico, Bangladesh, India, and African countries.

Know the above information about the flour mill machine, are you interested in our maize and wheat flour mill machine? Contact me freely with:

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