50-60 Tonne/24hr maize milling machine

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50-60 Tonne/24hr maize milling machine

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD your ultimate stop for all your milling needs. Today we bring to you one of our products , the medium scale  50-60TPD maize milling machine. For first time buyers this machine is highly recommended  as it is very effective and efficient. To our clients who have smaller capacity milling machines the 50-60TPD  maize milling machine would be a suitable upgrade. As we introduce this milling machine to you lets first take a look at the  kind of factory space and design  it would require . Below is an image to fully illustrate the  factory design.

50-60TPD design

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At Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery all of our milling machine use the cleaning-milling-packing type for processing  grain. The cleaning section is to get the grain ready, fit and healthy for the milling process. The milling section is for grinding and milling the grains and is equiped with the latest technology roller mills and sifters to complete this task. The last section the packaging section packs the super refined maize mealie meal into packs of your own choosing and liking. below is a diagramatic figure to explain further on this milling  process.

The milling procedure

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The motor is part of the roller mill and  together with the other components of the roller mill they are combined together using the best available technology in the world. The 50TPD maize milling machine will have 4 roller mills. The plansifters are also state of the as they are made and built by our specialized engineers and technicians. The connecting pipes  are all in stainless steel to ensure longer durability  and reduced wear and tear effect. The sieves  are also part and parcel of the whole milling plant. Below is a snap quick shot at the components that comprise the 50TPD maize milling machine.

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These are some of the components that make up the  50TPD maize milling  machine. To check out the full component list you can contact with Vanisa  by sending an email directly to maizewheatmill@gmail.com or  call/whatsapp: +8613833461840


We have installed this model of the 50-60 TPD maize milling machine in various countries like Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe . Below are sights from some of our installed running lines.

50 tonne maize corn milling machine installed in Zimbabwe

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60TPD maize milling machine

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50-60TPD Fully installed line

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These maize milling machines will produce the best quality of maize mealie meal for  whatever reason you will want to use the mealie meal for . In Africa our maize milling machines have been giving good quality maize meal for  fufu/ugali/sadza/pap and so many other uses. You can also get to experience awesome milling by simply getting in touch with us  and ordering your maize milling machine today.

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