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Social networks , the new global market platform.

The development of social networks is perhaps one of the most amazing developments of our age. Social networks have  taken all the 4 corners of the globe  by storm.They aid communication between individuals whatever the distance inbetween them. Social Networks have nowadays become  the easiest and most convenient way to spread word with different kind of blogs starting up daily. Because of this social networks have become an essential tool for businesses and companies worldwide.Perhaps the best form of advertising now is via social media for it has the largest viewers and followers. Some of the most common social networks used nowadays are facebook, twitter , youtube,  linkedin, google+ and pinterest to mention a few.Facebook is the most used worldwide and almost every company now has its own page on facebook. Lets take a look at the stats of the growth of  the use of social networks.


As you can see billions of people continue to join social media .This makes social media an international market platform where various buyers and sellers can meet and trade  online. For companies like Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery .Co.Ltd social media is an essential tool to reaching our worldwide market.Through social media we can keep in touch with our global market. Information about our maize ,wheat and corn mills is passed easily and faster across the globe.

Above is a bar chart showing  the most used social networks in the world in 2016. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD is glad to inform you it is registered with the top 7 social networks according to this bar chart.You can get in touch with us on all of those social networks  that is facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, youtube,  google+,  instagram and pinterest. On all of these platforms you can simply search for  username Vanisa Li and get in touch with our  company and our products. We are here to offer you high quality maize , wheat and corn mills wherever you are in the world. For more you can visit


One of our mills available in stock.This is a 100tonne/24hr maize milling machine installed in South Africa.Most of the sales we have made in more than 30 years of experience we have in the milling market have been via social media .Social networking is a very convenient and safe way of trading to both the company and the client.Follow us now and join our great network of maize, wheat and corn mills. Our representatives are just a click away as soon as you inquire or  comment on our pages and posts you willl be replied in no time.  Looking forward to your  joining of our pages. Cheers …..for now