The Chinese Spring Festival

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The Chinese Spring Festival

Hey there i hope i find you well. We are in our utmost joyful moods here at Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd as we countdown to our biggest festival of the year the Chinese Spring festival. It is now 8 days to our Chinese new  year and preparations are underway all around the country to celebrate. Our team here at Hongdefa are also getting ready for the spring festival. This is an important  festival in our Chinese culture and we engage in a lot of activities to celebrate it.Below is an image of some of our beautiful sales team putting on some Chinese new year traditional dressing.

Hongdefa team ready for Chinese spring festival

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As you can see the festival is celebrated in all aspects from the dressing to the food we eat during this festival. It is a widespread culture around China that during the spring festival people eat dumplings with vegetables inside them locally known as jiao zi. All the meals served during this period will have dumplings as part and parcel of the full meal. This has been a culture for so many decades. Every houisehold will prepare these dumplings and almost every Chinese person can prepare these dumplings. Another point to note is that dumplings are made from flour and the best dumplings require the best flour , the best flour requires the best milling machine and the best milling machine is only found at Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd.

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jiao zi 的图像结果

Chinese dumplings

Another widely spread culture of celebrating the Chinese spring festival is the pasting of couplets on windows and doors. These couplets are believed to bring luck to the household on which they will be pasted on . The luck and fortune that comes at the beginning of the year would ensure that the whole year will also be filled with fortune. These couplets will be written in a specific Chinese technique specially designed to convey this particular message. All around China most of Chinese household will be pasted with these couplets which are available everywhere for sale during this period in time.  It is also widely spread that household clean their household before the new year to sweep away all the misfortune from the previous year and make way for good incoming luck. The couplets usually bear the message of goo fortune, wealth, happiness and longevity. Below are some of the couplets we will stick on our doors this festive season.

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Couplets of fortune, happiness, wealthy and longevity

Another widespread way of spending and celebrating the Chinese spring festival is the exchanging and giving of red packets bearing gifts mostly money. This is usually an act  from the wealthy to the less wealthy and also from adults to kids. The amount of money to be put in the red packet in not specified. This is similar to the English culture of exchanging gifts during the thanksgiving period.Chinese kids enjoy this the most as they will get a lot of red packets from their folks.

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Wish you all a happy Chinese spring festival

Thank you all and we from Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd wish you a very prosperous Chinese new year. Do not forget to get in touch with us at any given time on the details below.

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