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Hongdefa Maize mill wheat flour mill installation plan –By Vanisa Li +8613933068531

On Feb.11, 2019, we finished our Chinese New Year holiday and back to work.

In the last year 2018, Hongdefa team did the great job and got a lot of orders for different capacity of maize mill and wheat flour milling machine from Different countries, like Kenya Zambia Uganda Ethiopia Egypt Tanzania and so on.

Hongdefa factory


Till now most of the orders already finished and shipped to the clients’ factory, now are waiting for our engineers for the installation and commissioning.

It is very important for the client to do the good installation testing and training the local workers, this will make sure the high quality final maize wheat flour.

240T maize mill finished installation in Angola

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Our after sale service department pay more attention on this issue and make the detailed plans for the next step work about the installation, here we share with you some of our arrangements:


1, 150T wheat flour mill machine will install in Egypt

Mr. Hao and Mr. Guo will come to Egypt soon to install the 150T/24H wheat flour mill for the Egypt client.

We already finished the whole container loading and the last batch ship will arrive Alexandria port end of February. Now we are doing the visa for the engineers.

150T/24H wheat flour mill design


2, 100T/24H maize mill machine wait for testing and training in Nigeria

This 100T maize milling line we finished the installation already before the Chinese New Year holiday, we will send the engineer to do the testing and training when the electricity and water is available in the client factory.

100T maize mill installation in Nigeria

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3, 300T wheat milling machine will do installation in Malaysia

The first 10 containers of this 300tpd wheat mill already arrived Malaysia and our engineer Mr.Guo and Mr.Lv will come to Malaysia on Feb.28,2019 and begin the preliminary work first.

300T wheat mill is a middle capacity, it will take some time for the whole machine running. We will send different professional engineers to come to do their special work in different period.

300T wheat milling machine will do installation in Malaysia


4, 30T maize milling machine waiting for the installation from our Malawi client.

Mr.Li will come to Malawi to do the 30t maize mill next month. This is the third time Mr. Li come to Malawi and he already installed three sets of maize mill in Malawi for other clients.

30T maize mill

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5, 50T maize mill are installing now in Tanzania by Mr.Guo

This 50t maize mill is together with silo, so it takes a little longer time for the installation.

Mr.Guo stayed in Tanzania for the Chinese New Year holiday, thanks for his hard work. Our client take care a lot for Mr.Guo and thanks for his efforts.

50T maize mill in Tanzania

6, 15T maize mill will do installation in Kenya

15T maize mill is a small capacity compared with other kind, this time Mr. Zhang will come to Kenya from Zambia directly. He will finish the installation of the 50t maize mill line in Zambia soon and come to Kenya then. This will save time and air cost for the client.

Kenya is a good market for our maize mill machines, here we had installed more than 30 sets in different citis, like Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Kisumu, Eldoret and so on.

50T maize mill in Thika Kenya

So that will be very easier work for our engineer to do the installation in Kenya.

We know what kinds of final products Kenya market needs, we know their machine requirements.

Professional makes things easier.

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7, 300T/24H wheat mill will do the final test in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not easy to get the visa and because of the war in the country, it takes really a longer time to finish this whole 300t wheat mill project.

Now it is the final step for the testing, very soon our client will see the machine running and make the real business.

300T wheat mill finished installation in Afghanistan

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8, Other maize wheat lines we will do installation soon

Except the above arrangements, there are many other corn maize wheat milling lines are waiting for our engineers come to do the installation,

like the 10T maize mill in Tanzania,

20t maize mill in Burkina Faso,

30t maize mill in DRC,

15T maize mill in Mali,

100T maize mill in Ethiopia,

120t wheat mill in Ethiopia,

30T maize mill in Rwanda and so on.

10T maize mill in Tanzania


120T wheat mill in Ethiopia

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That will be very busy work for the next days, Hongdefa team is ready to do.

Hongdefa Team

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If you also need the maize mill or wheat flour mill machine, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

We do , do the best!

Our professional team will give you all the support for your business successful.

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flour mill machine

The 60 tons per 24h wheat flour mill machine is being installed for Algerian client

In Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery, the wheat flour mill machine is another product on our product range. Our company has supplied the wheat flour milling machine to several countries across the world.The wheat flour mill machine processes wheat to produce fine wheat flour for bread, biscuits, chapati and a wide range of other wheat products.The wheat flour milling machine comes in different capacities ranging from the 5tonne/24hr to the 800tonne/24hr. The wheat flour machine can also be ordered with specifications to suit our clients’ preferences. And our wheat flour mill machine is very popular with African clients.

flour mill machine
The factory of flour mill machine

Recently, we have a set of 60t wheat flour mill machine is being installed in Algeria, which uses the pneumatic roller mill, plansifters, PLC control system technology. For this 60t/24h wheat flour mill machine from HDF Machinery, I have the following information to share with you.

1.Total length of the roller:8000mm


3.Flour extraction: To produce standard flour:75-82%                                                                                            To produce grade 2flour: 72-75%                                                                                                To produce grade 1flour: 60-68%

4.Flour quality: Obey the people’s republic of China’s GB1355-88 standard         Volume weight /g/L                                                                                                                       Faultiness grain content /%                                                                                                        Impurity content /% Mineral content /%                                                                            Moisture content /%                                                                                                           Odor content /%                                                                                                                     ≥750 ≤6.0 ≤1.0 ≤0.5 ≤13.5 natural                                                                                 Ash:to produce grade 2 flour: 0.80%(dry weight) to produce grade 1 flour:   0.70%(dry weight)

  1. Power supply: 251.72KW
  2. Container: 40’HQ× 5
flour mill machine
60 tons per 24h wheat flour mill machine
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The wheat flour mil machine complete line is made up of the cleaning section, milling section and the packaging section.

Cleaning section

1.Beat :This is to eliminate all the dirt like dust, bacteria and insect seed.

2.Sceening: This is to remove large and small impurities.

3.Destoner: To remove stones.

4.Magnetic separator: Remove all metal material in the wheat.

5.Dampener: This is ensure the bran’s integrity during the milling process.

flour mill machine
cleaning section of flour mill machine

Milling Section

1.Roller mill:To break the integrity by roller movement.

2.Sifter: For separation of the flour and the bran and also to separate large size from small size for quality provision.

Packaging Part

This is made up either of the auto packing machine or the manual packing machine depending with the client’s preferences.

flour mill machine
packing machine of flour mill machine


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If you buy a flour milling machine from our Hongdefa Machinery, we will provide you with a comprehensive after-sales service system. You will enjoy these benefits:

  1. Two years spare parts delivery together with the machine

2.over sea service center available, 24h after service:                                                            Lusaka Zambia, Ethiopia,Multan Pakistan                                                                              Durban South Africa,New Delhi India

3.Warranty 2years

4.Chinese professional engineer guide installation and commissioning.

flour mill machine
60 tons per 24h wheat flour mill machine from HDF Machinery
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If you are interested in our wheat flour mill machine, contact me freely:

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Algerian Client visits Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery to inspect Wheat mill

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd. we are your best choice for all your wheat, maize and corn milling machines . Our milling machines are of superior quality  and this explains all the testimonies we receive from all our clients who trusted Hongdefa Machinery. Today we look at our Algerian client who recently trusted in Hongdefa and purchased a 60T/24hr  Wheat milling machine.

Client takes a look at Roller Mills

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The client was very pleased as usual with how advanced Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery has become technologically.  We adopt the latest technology and designs as we manufacture these wheat, maize and corn milling machines. The experience is different and on another level when you get to witness this first hand. Everyone is welcome to visit our Factory to inspect our machines before and after buying.

Container being loaded

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It is always a good time when our clients visit our factory here in China. This gives the client the opportunity to check if all their requirements have been met and if the milling machine meets their needs. It is also for exposure as clients have the opportunity to visit the site where we have a running 100TPD maize milling line here in China.  In addition to all that our clients get to meet with us in person to experience our warmness at first hand.

Loading of container

We look forward to extending our business influence all around the world in this new year and please feel free to contact us and establish yourself with the best manufacturers in the industry.

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Done deal as client locks up his Wheat mill

Why not establish yourself with the best manufacturers in the business. We go beyond just the product , our service is also one of the best in the world . Our technical and sales team are waiting for your inquiry. Do not waste time , trust Hongdefa today!!!

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