normal work and production begin already

normal work and production begin already

Next Week we will back to office for normal work .

Our factory begin the normal production from last week already.

We are here and we are ready.

Any questions or need for the #maizemill or #wheatflourmill machine, contact us freely.


Whatsapp: +8613933068531

100T maize mill in Mozambique

Hongdefa new order for maize wheat mill machine in February 2020

We are back from the Chinese new year holiday .

In February we are on holiday, but the new order have not stopped.

1, Today we got an new order from Uganda client ,

total amount USD1 423 000.00.

2, Last week we got another new order from Swaziland for 120T maize mill

3, In the beginning of February, we got two new orders from Zimbabwe client for 300T/24H Maize mill machine and 100T/24H wheat flour mill machine 

If there is anything we can do for the maize wheat mill machine, contact with me freely.
P.S. Find Me On WhatsApp +86 139 3306 8531 or +8613833461840

Best regards !

Vanisa Li
Export manager
Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery
m: +8613933068531
w:  e:

Hongdefa team will visit Tanzania from 26th May to 4th June 2019.

Hongdefa team will visit Tanzania from 26th May to 4th June 2019. During 26th to 31st May, 2019 will stay in Dar Es Salaam; During 1st to 4th June, 2019 will stay in Arusha.

We can have a meeting to discuss the maize mill and wheat flour mill business face to face.

Contact with me by Whatsapp +8613933068531 or Email me to to make the appointment for meeting in Dar Es Salaam or Arusha.

50T maize flour mill in Thika Kenya

our team in Kenya now for maize wheat mill business

Our team arrived Kenya already, they will stay in Nairobi for around 7days until Mar.07,2019 , then will go to Mombasa . Please Which city are you in ? If you need I can arrange the meeting for you with our team, so that you can meet to discuss all the details face to face.
Contact with us to confirm the meeting time and place
Vanisa Li
Cell/Whatsapp: +8613933068531

Hongdefa Maize mill wheat flour mill installation plan –By Vanisa Li +8613933068531

On Feb.11, 2019, we finished our Chinese New Year holiday and back to work.

In the last year 2018, Hongdefa team did the great job and got a lot of orders for different capacity of maize mill and wheat flour milling machine from Different countries, like Kenya Zambia Uganda Ethiopia Egypt Tanzania and so on.

Hongdefa factory


Till now most of the orders already finished and shipped to the clients’ factory, now are waiting for our engineers for the installation and commissioning.

It is very important for the client to do the good installation testing and training the local workers, this will make sure the high quality final maize wheat flour.

240T maize mill finished installation in Angola

Get price and more details

Our after sale service department pay more attention on this issue and make the detailed plans for the next step work about the installation, here we share with you some of our arrangements:


1, 150T wheat flour mill machine will install in Egypt

Mr. Hao and Mr. Guo will come to Egypt soon to install the 150T/24H wheat flour mill for the Egypt client.

We already finished the whole container loading and the last batch ship will arrive Alexandria port end of February. Now we are doing the visa for the engineers.

150T/24H wheat flour mill design


2, 100T/24H maize mill machine wait for testing and training in Nigeria

This 100T maize milling line we finished the installation already before the Chinese New Year holiday, we will send the engineer to do the testing and training when the electricity and water is available in the client factory.

100T maize mill installation in Nigeria

Get price and more details

3, 300T wheat milling machine will do installation in Malaysia

The first 10 containers of this 300tpd wheat mill already arrived Malaysia and our engineer Mr.Guo and Mr.Lv will come to Malaysia on Feb.28,2019 and begin the preliminary work first.

300T wheat mill is a middle capacity, it will take some time for the whole machine running. We will send different professional engineers to come to do their special work in different period.

300T wheat milling machine will do installation in Malaysia


4, 30T maize milling machine waiting for the installation from our Malawi client.

Mr.Li will come to Malawi to do the 30t maize mill next month. This is the third time Mr. Li come to Malawi and he already installed three sets of maize mill in Malawi for other clients.

30T maize mill

Get price and more details

5, 50T maize mill are installing now in Tanzania by Mr.Guo

This 50t maize mill is together with silo, so it takes a little longer time for the installation.

Mr.Guo stayed in Tanzania for the Chinese New Year holiday, thanks for his hard work. Our client take care a lot for Mr.Guo and thanks for his efforts.

50T maize mill in Tanzania

6, 15T maize mill will do installation in Kenya

15T maize mill is a small capacity compared with other kind, this time Mr. Zhang will come to Kenya from Zambia directly. He will finish the installation of the 50t maize mill line in Zambia soon and come to Kenya then. This will save time and air cost for the client.

Kenya is a good market for our maize mill machines, here we had installed more than 30 sets in different citis, like Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, Kisumu, Eldoret and so on.

50T maize mill in Thika Kenya

So that will be very easier work for our engineer to do the installation in Kenya.

We know what kinds of final products Kenya market needs, we know their machine requirements.

Professional makes things easier.

Get price and more details

7, 300T/24H wheat mill will do the final test in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is not easy to get the visa and because of the war in the country, it takes really a longer time to finish this whole 300t wheat mill project.

Now it is the final step for the testing, very soon our client will see the machine running and make the real business.

300T wheat mill finished installation in Afghanistan

Get price and more details

8, Other maize wheat lines we will do installation soon

Except the above arrangements, there are many other corn maize wheat milling lines are waiting for our engineers come to do the installation,

like the 10T maize mill in Tanzania,

20t maize mill in Burkina Faso,

30t maize mill in DRC,

15T maize mill in Mali,

100T maize mill in Ethiopia,

120t wheat mill in Ethiopia,

30T maize mill in Rwanda and so on.

10T maize mill in Tanzania


120T wheat mill in Ethiopia

Get price and more details

That will be very busy work for the next days, Hongdefa team is ready to do.

Hongdefa Team

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If you also need the maize mill or wheat flour mill machine, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

We do , do the best!

Our professional team will give you all the support for your business successful.

Here is our contact details, if anything we can do, contact us freely:

Cel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 13933068531



My trip to Tanzania for maize wheat flour mill business

In July of last year, we first came to Dar Es Salaam to attend the Saba Sabah trade fair.

Just getting off the plane we were so attracted by the blue sky and comfortable weather. The friendly Tanzania people make us deeply in love with this place.


Tanzania is a country in Eastern Africa within the African Great Lakes region. It borders Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo DRC to the west, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the south, and Indian Ocean to the east. The capital city of Tanzania is Dodoma, the official languages of Tanzania are Swahili and English. The currency of Tanzania is Tanzanian Shilling (Tsh or TZS). Tanzania is considered one of the earliest places in Africa where the earliest Homo habilis inhabited after a 1.75 million years old age fossil was found in Olduvai Gorge.


The largest city of Tanzania is Dar es salaam, it is also the former capital and it is the country’s commercial centre.


Located on northern Tanzania, Arusha is a multicultured region with people from all over the world. It is also the headquarters of East African Community.

Arusha Clock Tower


Zanzibar also known as “The Island of Spices”, is a semi-autonomous archipelago off the coast of Tanzania consisting of  Zanzibar Island (locally, Unguja), Pemba Island and many smaller islands. It is rich in history and culture, with a lot of historical important buildings. The beach in zanzibar are also spectacular.


Sultan Palace


Mwanza is located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria, it is also called “Stone City” or “City among rocks” as you can see for yourself from the images below.


Stone City





Serengeti is one of the 7 natural wonders of the Africa, one of the ten natural travel wonders of the the world. It hosts the largest lion population in the world and it also hosts the largest mammal migration in the world. Every year, almost 1.5 million Wildebeest and more than 200,000 Zebras engage in a 2000 kms migration to find the green pastures.




Serengeti is the land of Masai people and the pride of the world






Mountain Kilimanjaro is the Highest mountain in Africa.


The last one to introduce is Tanzania delicacy food, It’s also a staple food. I like so much these kinds of local Tanzania food Ugali!

In Tanzania most common dishes is Ugali. It is usually composed of maize and is similar in consistency to a stiff paste or porridge, giving it its second name of corn meal porridge. Beef, goat meat, beans, yogurt, and a wide range of fish and green leafy vegetables all add nutrients to the dishes.


In Tanzania market, making the Ugali raw material is maize flour, the local people called Sembe, Dona.


Do you know what kinds of maize flour mill machine can produce the high quality maize flour to do Ugali?

Here is the details:

We attended the Sabasaba trade fair to show complete line maize flour mill machine and which is process raw material maize to maize flour Sembe, Dona. At Exhibition we meet many clients, we talked about the details about maize flour mill machine, we know the best technical to produce best quality Sembe, Dona to available in Tanzania.



In Arusha we have running 20T/24H maize flour mill machine, this machine is complete line.

It includes the cleaning, degerminating , milling, packing and controlling system.




The advantage of maize milling machine:


  1. Maize milling machine cleaner to ensure the Sembe/Dona quality and the working life of the mill by removing the impurities in the maize before go to mill



  1. Stainless steel moisture damper in maize milling machine

Dampening the maize bran before mill to ensure the bran soft, easy separate from maize kernel during the degerminaiting processing, keep flour quality.


  1. The degerminator with Japan Technology, it will realize the separating of endosperm and maize skin and germ to insure can get pure sembe, Dona with low fat.


  1. Stainless steel pipes in milling system, more durable, health with long life.



  1. The mill is one of most important machine of whole maize processing line, is mainly for grinding. To break big size maize endosperm to small size. Depend on client’s market need to mill Sembe Dona etc.


  1. According to the clients market need the screen can adjust to produce mostly suitable final product. High efficiency sifting, mix proof to get credible run, a perfect classification machine. can classify the material that from break, reduction and scratch systems and sifting to get the Sembe Dona to suitable for Tanzania Market.


  1. Maize milling machine packing section, The packing part can be manual one also can be auto one, this can be designed according to requirement and machine capacity.


  1. PLC touch screen control system, You can use screen to control all machines like mobile phones.


The maize milling machine industry is very well in Tanzania, now we have many new orders from Tanzania, like 50T/24H maize milling machine, 30T/24H maize milling machine, 20T/24H maize milling machine , 10T/24H maize milling machine.


So if you are interested in this maize flour mill machine business, contact with us and come to meet with us.

Considering the very good gain last year, Hongdefa team will attend the Trade Fair in Dar es Salaam in 2018 too, here is the details if you would like to meet with us:
1.  Name: 42nd Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair 2018(Sabasaba Trade Fair)
2.  Show Time: 28th June- 13th July,2018
3.  Address:  Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere Trade fair Grounds,
Plot. No. 436 Block A, Kilwa Road, Dar Es salaam, Tanzania
4.  Hongdefa booth: Booth 87, Karume Hall
Hope to meet you at beautiful Dar Es salaam and have a good meeting to discuss about maize flour mill machine and wheat flour mill machine project, the engineer will give you professional answer.


The time to Tanzania this year is coming soon, I am so exited and hope to see you all there.

If you need to communicate more before we come, feel free to contact with me, here is my contact details


final maize products

Does Hongdefa maize flour mill machine can make quality maize flour for delicious Sadza/ugali/fufu?

Does Hongdefa maize flour mill machine can make quality maize flour for delicious Sadza/ugali/fufu?

Have you been to South Africa, Zimbabwe , Kenya or other southern countries before?

Get price and more details

If you did I am sure you must tasted the local food made by Maize flour, it called Sadza (Zimbabwe ),Ugali(Uganda ),Fufu (DRC) ,Posho(Kenya)etc.It is the most common food in Zimbabwe. Just same food with different name in different Africa countries. They are their staple food , the local people eat this food almost every day, supper or lunch. Serve it with vegetable , potato, beef , fish or chicken . its really delicious.

maize flour food


Sadza is cooked slowly until thick, like porridge. The Sazda quality is depends on the grade of maize meal. The quality of maize flour is not good and the taste will be rough. If the flour is good quality, the taste will be very delicate.

Get price and more details

This time when I was in Zimbabwe, we visited some local maize milling machine factories. Their machines are old and need to upgrade with the new technology to make sure the final maize flour high quality.

Does Hongdefa maize flour mill machine can make quality maize flour for delicious Sadza/ugali/fufu?  The answer is 100 percent sure.

Hongdefa maize milling machine is making best quality flour. Preparation of the maize for the milling process, Before the milling process proper can commence the maize must be suitably prepared. During this operation all impurities and foreign matter are removed, and finally the maize is conditioned by allowing a controlled quantity of water to penetrate the bran before the grain is ready for milling.

Get price and more details

Maize cleaning process using vibrating sieve, destoner, magnetic separators for drying cleaning. Use American design degerminator to get whole pcs germ, and use gravity table to getting the maize germ. We use double screw damper for keeping moisture the maize, microcomputer control the water damper, add water to ensure a more accurate and uniform water, prevent free water. A moisture addition of 6% to 8% and lying time of 20 minutes should result in clean separation of the maize components by the degerminator under normal condition, the use of degerminator for peeling maize into small pieces and embryo separated in order to ensure quality and by fully mechanized and use.

Milling process use light maize milling subdivision research methods, use of advanced maize milling and sifting equipment to ensure that its process effect, using a set of pneumatic conveying systems, blower air system, the process can also produce 3-6 kinds of high-quality final products, the fat content is not more than 1%.

Advanced craftsmanship and detail-oriented processes ensure the production of high quality maize flour.

Its wise choice to take HONGDEFA maize flour milling machines!

We can meet all flour mill’s requirements , trust us trust Hongdefa!

Here is the recipe you can try to do make nice Sadza/ugali/fufu .

Put maize flour into pot, Add cold water to make a paste. Put pot on stove and add boiling water whilst stirring simultaneously.Keep stirring until it boiling. Cover pot and let it simmer for 15 minutes.

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After 15 minutes, add more maize flour bit by bit and mix.  When it’s just about to reach the consistency you want, cover it and  let is simmer for 5 minutes. Your Sadza/ugali/fufu is ready.

If you want to get the high advanced quality maize flour milling machine, contact with me freely.

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Here is my contact details, just feel free contact me:

Cel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 138 3346 1840


trade fair in Dubai

maize wheat flour mill trade fair in Dubai UAE

Our team already in Dubai to attend the trade fair for our maize mill and wheat flour mill machine. Anyone who are in Dubai , can come to meet with our team to discuss more details for the maize wheat milling machine.

Here is the detail for the Trade fair:

Trade Fair name: CHINA ( UAE ) TRADE FAIR

Address: Dubai World Trade Centre Arena Exhibition hall, P.O.Box 9292 Dubai UAE

Booth number: SAE104

Cel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 138 3346 1840
Time: Dec.10,2017 to Dec.12, 2017 from 10am to 18pm every day.

Hope to see you in Dubai.

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hongdefa factory

Learning with each other

Today learn together with one of our brother company, we discuss together more about the Email reply, the inquiry study, how to improve the Linked in marketing skills and how to keep the good relationship with our clients ……..

Both of us learned a lot with each other.

Sharing is really a good way to improve.

client visit

30t maize mill ordered by Lesotho client

Our Lesotho client ordered the 30t #maizemill machine with #animalfeedmachine together after visiting our factory.  We received the deposit today and will begin the production for him soon.  Thanks for the client’s trust and we will make sure the good quality and the timely delivery.  Anyone who need maize flour mill or wheat flour mill, contact with us freely.

#flourmill #hongdefafactory #maizemillingmachine #maizeflourmill #Africamaizemillline

client visit

100T maize flour mill installed in China factory

Anyone who want to find the good quality maize flour mill machine, please come to check the more information here.

There is one real maize wheat flour mill factory in China called Hongdefa Machinery, who can supply the very good quality flour mill machine with reasonable price.

Now they just finished the installation for one 100tpd maize milling machine. For this 100t/24h maize mill line, it is middle capacity and complete line, from cleaning degerminating, milling to auto-packing system. Here are some photos which they are installing in the factory for your reference first.

It use the pneumatic roller mill and plansifter, the pipes in milling section is stainless steel.

Roller Mills : The partitioned paneling and swing-out feed module guarantee ideal acess to the feeding and grinding rolls. This makes residue-free cleaning possible. Using a pulse generator automatically adjust the feed material at the entrance door; the bearing is SKF branch.

2 Plansifter : 1) Material: High-strength alloy steel 2)up and down sifter circles with steel plate overall by bending 3)Transmission system using spring force component institutions 4)Sieve frames of wood coated with synthetic resin,without backwire 5)All the inside walls as well as the doors are provided with high-grade insulation 6)All the inside walls as well as the doors are provided with high-grade insulation 7)Vertical and horizontal clamping system

Stainless steel pipes which is more durable and anty-rusty, looks more beautiful.

Anyone who want to know more information please go to check more details. Also can contact with: Vanisa Li by Cell phone/ WhatsApp /Wechat / Viber: +86 138 3346 1840

maize wheat mill trade fair in Nigeria

Nigeria International Agricultrue Fair in Abuja for maize wheat mill machine

I came back from Abuja Nigeria two months ago for the flour mill business trip and now our team will come to Abuja to attend the trade fair about our maize mill and wheat mill machine.

We will attend the Nigeria International Agricultrue Fair during 25th-27th.
In Abuja International Conference Centre
Add: 900 Herbert Macaulay Way, 900001, Abuja, Nigeria​
Booth: B51

Please any possible for you to come to meet with them and discuss more details face to face.  They will give you detail introduction for our flour mill machine and best price.
Please confirm with me if you can come to meet or not ? So that I can do arrangement in advance

Best regards!
Vanisa Li
Export manager
Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery company LTD.
Cell phone/ WhatsApp /Wechat / Viber: +86 138 3346 1840

Add: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China
Skype: vanisa1020

Lusaka trade fair

international exhibition in next half year for maize mill and wheat mill machine

Our company will attend international exhibition in next half year for maize mill and wheat mill machine.The following is our exhibition schedule for your reference. Welcome to attend the trade fair.

Sincerely hope we can have a face to face meeting in exhibition in your convenient time.


1) Addis ababa international exhibition,

28th, June – 3th, July

2) 41th Dar Es salaam International Trade Fair (DITF),

28th, June – 8th, July

3) 92th Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show, in Lusaka Zambia

2th, August – 7th,August

4) 25th international trade fair,

ADD: Lugogo ,kampala ,uganda Show Grounds

3th, Oct – 10th, Oct

5) Nairobi International Trade Fair (NITF) in Jamhuri Park, Nairobi.

2nd, Oct – 8th, Oct

If any exhibition you will attend, kindly let us know in advance.

To ask more details , please click here

We also can come to your factory to check your site and discuss more details for the maize or wheat mill machine.

Any reply from you will be highly appreciated.


Best regards!

Vanisa Li

Export Vice manager

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery company LTD.

Cell phone/ WhatsApp /Wechat / Viber: +86 138 3346 1840

Add: Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China

Skype: vanisa1020


Hongdefa expertise, maintenance and supply

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd.We are your best stop for all your maize and wheat milling needs. We manufacture the best milling machines and supply to our clients all over the world.Today you can be one of our family  and enjoy the best milling machinery there is but first lets look at some of the characteristics that make Hongdefa the best milling machine manufacturer.

Today we will look at four major characteristics which are expertise,training, maintenance and spare part supply.

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  1. Expertise

    At Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery we have a the best of both experience and skill. All our machines are designed after a thorough process by top of the range designers and technicians  with over 30 years  of experience in maize and wheat mill design. This makes our company stand tall as our  milling machines are the best from design to technical engineering . below is a spec of some of the expertise we have at Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd

Mr. Huang

More than 30 years experience,have stayed in South Africa for 3 years studying the African maize & technology.

Mr. Chen

More than 40 years milling experience.

Top Rand designer of the milling machine in China. Professor of Henan University.


Mr. Ma

More than 30 years experience. Have guide designing and manufacturing many sets of milling machines for different markets.


Sales manager

More than 13 years experience for selling, have studied maize mill technical in South Africa.


Get price and more details


Our professional technicians provides training to all the workers of customers’ factory.This is helpful to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and reduce its downtime. In this way, the quality of finished products will be guaranteed.This  ensures that from all the workers in the factory to sales personal quality provision is the core objective.

training for daily work
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Our professional technical team can help solve any problem that occurs in customer’s flour production efficiently. We can do regular examinations to the equipment and offer you guidance on the equipment operation if you need. Our staff in our branch offices can go to see your site and machines directly and give some advise face to face.Our technical and sales team is also available for consultation all the time  via telephone or on all social media platforms. Our clients can get in touch with us at anytime and we will respond to the situation promptly.

Available to maintain your milling machine at any time
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4.Spare parts supply

Normally we will send you some wearing parts available for one-year operation of the equipment in our first order. When you are in need of new spare parts in the future, we can send directly from our branch offices depending which one is closer to you.In Zambia Lusaka we  have put a big storage room and we deliver door to door.

Spare parts
Get price and more details

So these are some of the many reasons why we are the best manufacturers of maize and wheat milling machinery in the world. Get in touch with us today and experience the Hongdefa way of milling. Quality is always guaranteed with us. Contact us on the detail below.

Call/Whatsapp: +86 138 3346 1840


The Maize Milling Machine Flowchart

The quality of a maize milling machine and the quality of the final product depend on the processing type of the maize mill machine. Our maize milling machines at Shijiazhuang  Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd all use the cleaning-milling-packaging type of processing. This is to ensure that a good quality of final product is ensured and all to safe keep the milling machine so that it lasts longer.
diagram maize mill
maize mill flowchart
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Above is the complete maize milling process. A good maize mill must comprise of all these stages.Despite the different capacities  of the maize mill this process is key to ensure a desired result that will please both the client and us.A good mill should give out a good quality of maize meal in the end. A good quality of maize meal is maize meal that has no dust, straw, husk, sand or any other grinded and un-grinded material that is not a maize kernel.


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desired final super refined maize flour meal
desired final super refined maize flour meal                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A good mill is comprised of a cleaning process, conditioning process, a degermination process, uses roller mills and has a sifting process. Milling and sifting are the essence of grain processing so a good mill must have a good sifting processes and roller millers. An added characteristic of a maize mill would be a packaging system.
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Results of good maize milling
Results of good maize milling


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Our machines are also  fault free and durable. Once purchased our maize mills will not constantly develop technical faults and will function well for a very long period of time.We also use the best material and fabric to avoid wear and tear damage for example rust and tearing due to vibrations of the mill. An example is use of stainless steel.Our maize milling machines are user friendly, they can be operated easily, they also can be used indoors or outdoors .Finally our maize milling machines are affordable cost wise and also have an after sale guarantee for assurance.


Get price and more details

If you want more details and the exact information about the maize milling process feel free to visit .

Call/Whatsapp : +86 138 3346 1840

Email :

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Nairobi Kenya and Lusaka Zambia Exhibition for maize mill and wheat mill


Nairobi Kenya and Lusaka Zambia Exhibition for maize mill and wheat mill
flour mill showtime
Nairobi Kenya and Lusaka Zambia
Our factory–Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery will come to Nairobi Kenya and Lusaka Zambia for exhibition about the maize milling machine and wheat milling machine
June 29 – July 1, 2016 China Trade Week in The Kenyatta International Conference  Center(KICC), Nairobi, Kenya 
July 24 – August 2, 2016 Showtime in  Lusaka Zambia
images (10)
We will come to Nairobi Kenya and Lusaka Zambia to attend the Fairs.
Welcome to come to there and meet with us.
You will see the real machines and all the detail introductions about our maize and wheat mill machine
Can discuss all the details with our engineer face to face and get the best price!
More details click here

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery CO., LTD.

ADD: NO.1 Shanqian Road, Wumashan Industrial Area, Zanhuang Town,

Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China


Phone(WhatsApp/Wechat/Viber): +86 138 3346 1840

Skype: vanisa1020

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD the international milling brand

Hey there I hope I find you well. We are here today to enlighten and educate all the millers around the world on yet another advantage of using our mills in your milling business.

Since 2009 to date Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery has supplied maize, wheat and corn mills to over 10countries worldwide. The mills we supply to each of these nations continue to grow in capacity year by year. An example is the 500tonne per day maize mill installed in South Africa which followed after we had first installed a 100 tonne per day maize mill there.



  1. The 100 tonne and 500tonne maize mill installed in South Africa.

We also have supplied mills to Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela in the South America. Our customers there have expressed how satisfied they are with our machinery and are keen to buy larger capacities of our mills.


  1. Below is the 60tonne wheat mill we supplied to our client in Brazil.
  2. 60T-wheat-millbrazil

Our mills have been tested all around the universe , where maize meal ,flour or  corn meal are used for different purposes but despite the various end products our mills have pleased all our clients proving that  with us you will not go wrong. If you are in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, North America or Australia get in touch with us at and trade with Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery the international brand.

Below are some of our installations in Egypt, Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

50T-wheat-mill (1)egypt   150T-maize-mill-in-Zambia (1)  150T-maize-mill-line-in-Kenya (1)

Get yours now too at  or email Follow us on Facebook, twitter and Google+ @ Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery. Cheers…

24T/24H maize mill delivery to Uganda

We finished the container loading for the 24t/24h maize mill for our Uganda client.
The client plan to come to visit our factory in the beginning of the year, but unfortunately there is some problem on his blood pressure.
So he asked me to take care of all the things for his machine.
Now finally we loaded the container and will send to him soon.
His workshop already finished and once the maize milling machine arrive, we will send our engineer to do the installation for him.

Hope this maize mill machine can be installed soon.

new workmate from Zimbabwe

We have one new workmate who comes from Zimbabwe and named Tumler.

He will work together with us to explore more market for our maize mill and wheat mill machine, specially the maize mill machine market in Africa. He will do big help for this field because he knows how the Africa people need and knows what is their requirements for the maize flour.

He will introduce more about our factory and our maize milling machine and wheat milling machine  in the next days.

Looking forward to his comments and opinions.

Welcome my friend and wish you have a good work here in Hongdafa Machinery.
Let us work together to service more clients for the maize mill and wheat mill machines!

container loading of 100t maize mill

four containers of 100T/24H maize mill finally finished the loading yesterday. Today will do the custom clearance, hope everything goes well!

This 100t/24h maize mill line is for Zimbabwe client and it is complete line, from cleaning milling to auto-packing system.
Here are some container loading photos:

maize mill laoding container


maize mill container loading06