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Hongdefa stock maize mill and wheat flour mill machine, waiting for delivery

Hongdefa stock maize mill and wheat flour mill machine, waiting for delivery to different countries, like 30T Precooked maize mill to Zambia, 120t maize mill to Malawi, 240t maize mill to Zambia, 100t maize mill to Nigeria, 50T maize mill to Rwanda, 30T maize mill three sets to Kenya.
More details contact by Whatsapp: +8613933068531
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back from the Chinese Spring Festival holiday

Dear Friend:
Happy New Year!
This is Vanisa from China for maize/wheat mill machine.

We are back from the Chinese Spring Festival holiday, our factory begin production already.

As for your new order, what is your plan in this new year?

If any questions or any more details you need, kindly feel free to contact me by Email
or WhatsApp me on +8613933068531.

I am here all the time to service for you!

P.S. Find Me On WhatsApp +86 139 3306 8531 
Best regards !

Vanisa Li
Export manager
Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery
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normal work and production begin already

Next Week we will back to office for normal work .

Our factory begin the normal production from last week already.

We are here and we are ready.

Any questions or need for the #maizemill or #wheatflourmill machine, contact us freely.


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100T maize mill in Mozambique

Hongdefa new order for maize wheat mill machine in February 2020

We are back from the Chinese new year holiday .

In February we are on holiday, but the new order have not stopped.

1, Today we got an new order from Uganda client ,

total amount USD1 423 000.00.

2, Last week we got another new order from Swaziland for 120T maize mill

3, In the beginning of February, we got two new orders from Zimbabwe client for 300T/24H Maize mill machine and 100T/24H wheat flour mill machine 

If there is anything we can do for the maize wheat mill machine, contact with me freely.
P.S. Find Me On WhatsApp +86 139 3306 8531 or +8613833461840

Best regards !

Vanisa Li
Export manager
Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery
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50T maize flour mill in Thika Kenya

our team in Kenya now for maize wheat mill business

Our team arrived Kenya already, they will stay in Nairobi for around 7days until Mar.07,2019 , then will go to Mombasa . Please Which city are you in ? If you need I can arrange the meeting for you with our team, so that you can meet to discuss all the details face to face.
Contact with us to confirm the meeting time and place
Vanisa Li
Cell/Whatsapp: +8613933068531

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery is the best choice for flour mill–20180830

Hey there welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.Ltd. We are your best choice manufacturers of wheat, maize and corn flour grinding mills.

1 hongdefa factory
1 hongdefa factory

We have more than 30years of experience and our machines have been installed all around the world . You can be rest assured that with us you can never go wrong.

2 hongdefa
2 hongdefa

Today we look back and go over the advantages that keep on adding on top of each other on why you should establish yourself with Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.Ltd.

3 why choose Hdf
3 why choose Hdf
4 why choose HONGEFA
4 why choose HONGEFA

Firstly like we have already listed above we have vast years of experience and like they say experience is the greatest teacher which means that by now Hongdefa Machinery is the master when it comes to maize wheat grinding manufacturing and distribution.

5 installed flour mill
5 installed flour mill
6 flour mill installed
6 flour mill installed

To further support this notion we have installed our maize wheat flour grinding mills of different capacities from small scale to commercial large scale in more 30 different countries in the world .This shows how universal our brand is and how reliable our service is.

6 HONGDEFA client
6 HONGDEFA client

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery is a certified international brand with all the certifications required . We have been awarded with various awards over the past years as well. The quality and efficiency of both our products and our service have been tested and applauded  as supported by the certification you see below.

7 clients
7 clients

Clients who have traded with us before can testify that choosing Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery was the best choice they made.

8 certificate
8 certificate

What makes our milling machines so superior? One might ask. When we manufacture our machines a lot of processes are involved. Firstly a deep and thorough  research and development is conducted then a special team of experienced professional technicians design the grinding mill.

9 Hongdefa team
9 Hongdefa team
10 sales team
10 sales team

The best technology gathered from all around the world is used to build up the grinding mill and finally an excellent sales team is there to serve you with the best milling machine in the world. Choose wise today choose Shijiazhang Hongdefa Machinery.

11 hongdefa team
11 hongdefa team

Lastly but not least Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery is very convenient and reliable to trade with.

12 branch office 2
12 branch office 2

We have branches in Zambia Uganda Ethiopia and have agent in Kenya Brazil and Australia to serve at your convenience and to bring the service closer to your doorstep.

13 branch office
13 branch office

Our aftersale service is an excellent package and a topic for another day .


trade fair in Dubai

maize wheat flour mill trade fair in Dubai UAE

Our team already in Dubai to attend the trade fair for our maize mill and wheat flour mill machine. Anyone who are in Dubai , can come to meet with our team to discuss more details for the maize wheat milling machine.

Here is the detail for the Trade fair:

Trade Fair name: CHINA ( UAE ) TRADE FAIR

Address: Dubai World Trade Centre Arena Exhibition hall, P.O.Box 9292 Dubai UAE

Booth number: SAE104

Cel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 138 3346 1840
Time: Dec.10,2017 to Dec.12, 2017 from 10am to 18pm every day.

Hope to see you in Dubai.

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maize grits and flour

maize flour mill machine running in Malawi

We have the running maize mill in Malawi, here are some photos of the final products: maize grits and maize flour. The maize grits can do snack food and be the material for beer, the maize flour for human consumption.  More details please visit #maizemillMalawi #maizegrits #maizeflour #maizeflourmill

Cleaning of wheat flour milling machine

Cleaning of wheat flour milling machine

A. Wheat cleaning

  1. The purpose of wheat cleaning, due to the current technical constraints, wheat growth, harvest, storage, transportation and other processes will have impurities mixed. In the growing season, the wheat which is germinated and moldy because of too much rain and the wheat which is attacked by insects and diseases is the impurity in wheat, and the mixing of these wheat will affect the quality and odor of wheat flour.Therefore, in the milling wheat must be cleaned before, all kinds of impurities in wheat completely clean, so as to ensure the quality of flour, to meet the needs of the food industry and people’s lives, to ensure people’s health, and achieve the purpose of safe production.
  1. Classification of impurities impurities in the wheat can be classified according to the chemical composition and physical properties.

(1) According to the chemical composition

①The inorganic impurities

inorganic impurities mixed with clay and sand, refers to the brick, metal and other inorganic substances in wheat.

②The organic impurities

organic impurities is mixed with wheat roots, stems, leaves, grass seed, shell, grain and edible dissimilar value buds, spots, metamorphic and other organic substances of wheat.

(2)It can be divided into three categories according to physical property and particle size of impurity.

①large impurities  Refers to the impurity retained in Diameter of 4.5 mm
sieve screen surface.

②Side by side impurities  Refers to the impurities through the diameter of 4.5 mm sieve screen surface, retained in the diameter of 1.5 to 2.0 mm sieve screen surface impurities.

③Small impurities  Refer to pass through the diameter of 1.5 ~ 2.0 mm sieve screen surface impurities.

(3)According to the specific gravity impurityies can be divided into two categories:

①Heavy impurities  Refers to the wheat specific gravity is bigger than the impurities specific gravity.

②Light impurities Refers to wheat specific gravity is smaller than the impurities specific gravity.

3.Common methods of wheat cleaning

(1)wind selection method

The method of cleaning the air dynamics properties of wheat and impurities is called wind selection method.The aerodynamic properties are generally expressed as suspended velocities.wind selection method needs participation of air media.Commonly used air – selection equipment including vertical air duct and suction separator.

(2)Screening method

The method of cleaning with different size of wheat and impurity is called screening method.Grain size is generally based on the thickness and width of wheat and impurities.The screening method needs to be equipped with a suitable screen for the movement of the sieve, and the relative motion of the sieve and the wheat is used to stratify the wheat.Small size and heavy flour would be pass through the sieve.

The commonly used screening equipment has vibrating screen, rotary flat sieve and pre-cleaning screen.

(3) Using different grivatity of wheat and impurity to separate them.It is called gravity separation method. The gravity separation method needs the participation of the medium, and the medium can be air and water. The use of air as a medium is called dry gravity separation; the use of water as a medium is called wet gravity separation. The proportion of dry separation equipment commonly used gravity destoner, gravity separation, gravity separation equipment commonly used in wet stone wheat washing machine etc..

(4) selection method using impurities and wheat geometry and different length of cleaning method called selection method. It is necessary to use the inclined plane and the spiral surface to separate the wheat and the spherical impurity by the different geometric shapes. The common buckwheat seed throwing vehicles and other equipment. The use of different lengths for cleaning requires a rotating surface with a pocket. The short grain embedded bag holes are taken away, and the long grains remain outside the bag holes and are not taken away, so as to achieve the purpose of separation. Commonly used equipment has drum selection machine, disc selection machine, disc roller selection machine, etc.

(5) impact method by the impurity and wheat of different intensity cleaning method called impact method. Germination, moldy, diseases and insect pests of wheat, wheat and soil surface adhesion of dust, the adhesion strength is lower than that of wheat, the impact of the high-speed rotating component, broken off, the use of suitable mesh separating it, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The impact of equipment commonly used are beating machine, impact machine, wheat brush machine etc..

  • magnetic separation method using wheat and impurity ferromagnetic different cleaning method called magnetic separation method. Wheat is a non-magnetic material, in the magnetic field is not magnetized, thus cannot be absorbed by the magnets; and some metal impurities (such as iron nails, nuts, etc.) is a magnetic material in a magnetic field will be magnetized by the magnet adsorption, which is separated from wheat. Permanent magnetic drum, magnetic steel and permanent magnetic box are commonly used in magnetic separation.
  • Grinding method;

To clean up wheat surface dust or grind wheat straw by the use of rotating rough surfaces (such as sand grain) is known as the grinding method. It is widely used for peeling and milling. Through the grinding of the surface of a few sand rolls can partially separate the wheat flour, which can shorten the powder path and make it easier to pulverize. The commonly used equipment is like peeling machine etc.

In addition to the above methods, there are other methods,such as the one according to the color of the photoelectric sorting method, the equipment is color selection machine. The current application is not yet widespread as the equipment is very expensive.

B. wheat moisture regulation

The moisture regulation of wheat, is to add the water and give it a certain time for moisture, so that to re-adjust the moisture of wheat and improve its physical, biochemical and milling process performance, in order to obtain better milling process effect.

  1. Physical and biochemical changes after adding water, the corresponding physical and biochemical changes occur:
  • the moisture content of wheatis more,the grain has a similar moisture content and similar water distribution by a certain
  • The first layer of water swelling, aleurone layer and endosperm followed by water swelling. Due to the three are with different orders in water swelling,so, there is a slight displacement in the radial direction of the wheat grain , then the combination between the three Force is weakened. This is favorable in separation of the cortex and the endosperm,and the powder can scrap from the cortex down easily.

(3)Cortical after absorb the water, toughness increased ,

brittleness reduced, increasing its ability to resist mechanical damage. Therefore, in the grinding process this facilitate the preservation of bran slices and clean the bran film on the endosperm, to ensure the quality of flour and improve the extraction rate of flour. In addition, the integrity of the bran is also conducive to the sifting and bran brushing.

(4)the intensity of the endosperm is reduced. The starch and protein contained in the endosperm are crossed together. Protein water absorption capacity (large water absorption), slow water absorption; starch granules weak water absorption (small water absorption), fast water absorption. Because of the difference between the speed and ability of the two, the expansion of the different and the degree of difference, resulting in starch and protein particles displacement, so that the endosperm structure loose, reduced strength, easy to ground into powder, is conducive to reducing power consumption.

(5) The yield of wet gluten increases with the increase of wheat moisture, but the quality of wet gluten is weakened.

(6) proteolytic enzyme activity, free amino acid content, saccharification activity, sucrose and a variety of reducing sugar content has changed. But little effect on the milling process.

From the above changes can be seen, wheat moisture regulation, the milling process performance improved, can increase the rate of flour, improve the quality of finished flour, and reduce power consumption.

  1. The corresponding process effect of wheat by water regulation, should be the corresponding process effects are as follows:

(1) so that the grinding of wheat with the appropriate water to meet the requirements of the milling process to ensure the relatively stable process of milling, easy operation and management. This is very important to improve production efficiency, flour yield and product quality. Requiring moisture uniformity within 0.2%.

(2) to ensure that flour moisture in line with national standards. Wheat dryness will cause the flour moisture is too low, so that the powder plant suffered losses; the other hand, wheat overheating will cause flour moisture is too high, not only will affect the interests of consumers, will also affect the flour storage management.

(3) the wheat flour was suitable for milling. The wheat after moisture adjustment, cortex toughness increase, endosperm internal structure is loose, decreased the binding force between the cortex and the aleurone layer and endosperm, is conducive to the improvement of milling performance. However, the high moisture content of wheat will decrease the fluidity of work in process, cause the blockage of sieve and flow, and affect the normal production of flour milling. Therefore, considering the improvement of flour milling performance, there should be a suitable water content for wheat milling.

After adding water, the wheat must be mixed quickly, and the water will begin to penetrate into the water through a certain mechanical action, so that the wheat grain has certain water holding capacity. The water regulating equipment for wheat generally consists of two parts: the water adding device and the water feeding equipment. The wheat moisture regulation equipment generally has the cup water machine, the powerful water machine and the water mixer. At the same time, wheat after water, water from outside to inside infiltration requires a certain period of time, usually 16 to 24 hours, where wheat tempering time required by certain storage warehouse to ensure, called the tempering bin.    

C. wheat cleaning process

  1. the development of wheat cleaning process based on

(1) grinding wheat quality standard net

①The buckwheat dust impurity not more than 0.02%, grain impurity does not exceed 0.5% (shelling of dissimilar grain at the present stage not included), should not contain metal impurities.

② the ash content of wheat should not be less than 0.06% after cleaning.

③The moisture content of the finished flour should be in line with the national standard.

(2) The quality of wheat

Wheat varieties and quality is not immutable and frozen, therefore, the designing of the cleaning section flow should take into account factors like the number of impurities in wheat,proportion of hard wheat and soft wheat, and the content of water, etc.It’s better to adopt good cleaning equipment and water conditioning equipment. In actual production, for wheat with little impurity and high moisture, can adjust the shunting device, not have to pass through every equipment.

Considering the wheat producing areas of China, wheat growing in south of China area normally have more buckwheat seeds and mud, less sand and high moisture. Usually not considering wheat washer, considering enhance threshing wheat, removing buckwheat and destone in dry way. Wheat growing in north of China normally contain more sand and marl, less buckwheat seeds and low moisture. To clean up this kind of wheat, should strengthen the suction, destone and wheat washing process, generally not consider buckwheat removing equipment. Wheat growing in Spring area have high moisture, more sand and wild grass seeds. To process this kind of wheat, should strengthen the screening, selection and destone process; low temperatures in winter, wheat should have procedure of preheating and moisture adjusting.
Wheat infected with smut, ergot and scab has a great influence on human health. Therefore, we must pay high attention to the cleaning. The infection of scab and smut of wheat, wheat should be strengthened, broken by a serious pest and weaken the wheat, and strengthen the screening and winnowing, in order to achieve effective cleaning. When wheat contains ergot, it can be cleaned effectively by gravity classifier.

Insect pests of wheat should be killed by the impact machine, and strengthen the screening and suction, remove insects and insects fragments. The grain length of wheat, such as wire worm disease, is shorter than that of normal wheat grain, but its width is similar. It is difficult to remove by screening, and it is more effective to remove with grain separator.
In China’s varieties kinds of wheat, soft wheat more than hard wheat, in the processing of hard wheat,  need to add more water and moisture wheat time.

(3) factory size and type of milling flours

Under normal circumstances, the factory scale larger, the production of high precision flour higher, the relative clean-up process to be better. The small-scale processing factory have low  precision of flour requirements , Suffer the investment conditions and plant space constraints limit, the relative clean-up process is simple, in this case, you can choose a compact, with a variety of functions and better combination of cleaning equipment , To ensure that the basic clean-up process and the necessary clean-up road.

2. Requirements for establishing wheat cleaning process

(1)Each process is complete, the number of cleaning equipment is appropriate, the process sequence is reasonable.

  • In accordance with the “first easy after difficult, first inorganic after organic” principle to arrange the process sequence
  • to the largeharm and much content impurity, such as sand, buckwheat seeds, wheat scab etc. should strengthen cleaning.
  • The process should be flexible in order to adapt to the change of impuritiesin raw materials
  • There should be perfect water regulation facilities to ensure the moisture content of the incoming wheat to meet the process requirements.
  • There should be perfect wheat processing facilities, so that the quality index of wheat into the mill can basically meet the quality requirements ofthe finished flour.
  • Serial, standardized, universal and efficient advanced cleaning equipment should be used as much as possible.
  • In order to ensure environmental sanitation and improve the efficiency of impurity removal,thedesign ofair dust removal system should be reasonable

For the wheat cleaning information, can discuss with us by Email or check more details on You also can call or whatsapp : +86 138 3346 1840.


flour mill factory

welcome to our factory for a visiting

Why not come to China to visit the real factory of the #maizeflourmill and #wheatflourmill business.  Sometimes only from the Email you do not know who is the #realfactory, who told you the truth.  Seeing is believing! Welcome to our HONGDEFA machinery company for a visiting.  #visitingChina #maizeflourmill #wheatflourmill #flourmillbusiness

client visit

30t maize mill ordered by Lesotho client

Our Lesotho client ordered the 30t #maizemill machine with #animalfeedmachine together after visiting our factory.  We received the deposit today and will begin the production for him soon.  Thanks for the client’s trust and we will make sure the good quality and the timely delivery.  Anyone who need maize flour mill or wheat flour mill, contact with us freely.

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flour mill machine

How to calculate the profit of the maize flour mill machine?

Maize flour mill machine is a very important industrial for Africa Client,  which can milling the maize to flour, meals, grits. Fufu (variants of the name include foofoo, fufuo, foufou) is a staple food, common in many countries in Africa. A similar staple in the African Great Lakes region is ugali. It is usually made from maize flour (masa), and is also eaten in Southern Africa. The name ugali is used to refer to the dish in Kenya and Tanzania. Closely related staples are called nshima in Zambia, nsima in Malawi, sadza in Zimbabwe,  pap in South Africa, posho in Uganda, luku, fufu, nshima, moteke, semoule, ugali and bugari in Republic of the Congo and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and phaletshe in Botswana Uganda.

flour mill machine
Maize flour from maize flour mill machine


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Nutritionally, 100 g dry weight fufu contains 2 g of protein, 0.1 g of fat and 84 g of carbohydrate. There are 267 kcal of food energy in a 100 g serving made up with water.It is very low in cholesterol. It is very rich in potassium, and it is commonly prescribed by doctors for people who have low level of potassium in their blood.

flour mill machine

If you are in Uganda,Botswana,Congo,Kenya,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Malawi,South Africa,etc Africa Countries,and if you want to start a maize flour mill machine, you need to check the market request,check the maize flour price,then decide.

flour mill machine
maize flour mill machine from HDF Machinery
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There is some price need to know before start maize milling:
1.maize 100kg price
2.Electricity unit price
3.Water unit price
4.Labor cost
5.Workshop rental
6.The fortify additive
7.The packing bag cost

After maize flour mill machine processing, need to know the following:

1.maize flour price

2.Maize bran price

3.transportation cost

When we calculate the profit:

Maize flour + maize bran – transportation – packing bag- fortify additive- workshop rental- labour- water- electricity- maize

Normally the profit is around 20USD-100USD/Ton, except there is some special time.

As we know the maize flour is daily consumption food, so not request high profit,at the beginning should be win by the quantity, and sell more as possible,cover more market, and let the people know your maize flour mill machine is high quality, can produce high quality maize meal,maize flour, and let people know that your flour quality is good, and the price is very reasonable. And also do some small gift for the client, when in Christmas or New year, like some small rulers,Pencil case,Stickers to make the promotion of the maize flour,or maize meal. If can operating well, normally November,December,January is the good season for sell. Some times these three month can get high high profit .

flour mill machine
30 tons per 24h maize flour mill machine


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Our Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery as a professional sales of maize flour mill machine, with 30 years of sales experience. If you want to know more about how to calculate the profit of the maize flour mill machine, or about how to marketing maize flour in the market, please contact with me :

Cell/WhatsApp/: +8613833461840

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20t maize mill for Uganda

Container loading for 20tpd maize mill machine for Uganda client

Yesterday we finished the container loading for the 20t maize milling machine of our Uganda client until 7pm .

Today we do the custom application with the China custom and will confirm the draft B/L.

The planned shipment date is Jun.29, 2017. That is one fast ship and will take about 30 days from China port to Mombasa, Kenya.

Next week after we got all the documents, will send them to the client and help them to collect the goods from their side.

If you need more details for this 20tpd maize mill line, ask me freely

+86 138 3346 1840 (Cel/whatsapp)

Vanisa Li


Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd.We are the best international manufacturers of all wheat, maize and corn milling machines. Originating in China we aim to spread our influence and cooperate with as many clients from all world round. Over the past years we have managed well to spread to various countries and we are proud and grateful of the successful relationship we have built with our clients. In the same spirit of spreading our wings to cover the globe, today we pay special interest to the country of Serbia , a hidden wonder situated in Europe.

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Serbia is a country of rich ecosystem and species diversity – covering only 1.9% of the whole European territory Serbia is home to 39% of European vascular flora, 51% of European fish fauna, 40% of European reptile and amphibian fauna, 74% of European bird fauna, 67% European mammal fauna.[34] Its abundance of mountains and rivers make it an ideal environment for a variety of animals, many of which are protected including wolves, lynx, bears, foxes and stags.

Beautiful land of Serbia

Mountain of Tara in western Serbia is one of the last regions in Europe where bears can still live in absolute freedom. Serbia is also home to about 380 species of bird. In Carska Bara, there are over 300 bird species on just a few square kilometers. Uvac Gorge is considered one of the last habitats of the griffon vulture in Europe.

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Rivers and Mountains

The climate of Serbia is under the influences of the landmass of Eurasia and the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. With mean January temperatures around 0 °C, and mean July temperatures of 22 °C , it can be classified as a warm-humid continental or humid subtropical climate. In the north, the climate is more continental, with cold winters, and hot, humid summers along with well distributed rainfall patterns. In the south, summers and autumns are drier, and winters are relatively cold, with heavy inland snowfall in the mountains.

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Serbia has established diplomatic relations with 188 UN member states, the Holy See, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and the European Union. Foreign relations are conducted through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Serbia has a network of 65 embassies and 23 consulates internationally. There are 65 foreign embassies, 5 consulates and 4 liaison offices in Serbia. The Chinese government has also established cooperation with the Serbian government. We look forward as Shijiazhuang Hongdefa MAchinery to also utiolize this oppotunity to expand our business into Serbia.

Chinese president in Serbia.

As of 2011 census, Serbia (excluding Kosovo) has a total population of 7,186,862 and the overall population density is medium as it stands at 92.8 inhabitants per square kilometer

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Serbia has an emerging market economy in upper-middle income range.The economy is dominated by services which accounts for 60.3% of GDP, followed by industry with 31.8% of GDP, and agriculture at 7.9% of GDP.

Wheat harvesting

Serbia has very favourable natural conditions (land and climate) for varied agricultural production. It has 5,056,000 ha of agricultural land (0.7 ha per capita), out of which 3,294,000 ha is arable land (0.45 ha per capita).[168] In 2016, Serbia exported agricultural and food products worth $3.2 billion, and the export-import ratio was 178%.Agricultural exports constitute more than one-fifth of all Serbia’s sales on the world market. Serbia is one of the largest provider of frozen fruit to the EU (largest to the French market, and 2nd largest to the German market). Agricultural production is most prominent in Vojvodina on the fertile Pannonian Plain. Other agricultural regions include Mačva, Pomoravlje, Tamnava, Rasina, and Jablanica.In the structure of the agricultural production 70% is from the crop field production, and 30% is from the livestock production. Serbia is world’s second largest producer of plums (582,485 tons; second to China), second largest of raspberries (89,602 tons, second to Poland), it is also significant producer of maize (6.48 million tons, ranked 32nd in the world) and wheat (2.07 million tons, ranked 35th in the world).Other important agricultural products are: sunflower, sugar beet, soybean, potato, apple, pork meat, beef, poultry and dairy.

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Agricultural land

Food industry is well known both regionally and internationally and is one of the strong points of the economy. Some of the international brand-names established production in Serbia: PepsiCo and Nestlé in food-processing sector; Coca-Cola (Belgrade), Heineken (Novi Sad) and Carlsberg (Bačka Palanka) in beverage industry; Nordzucker in sugar industry.Clothing and textile industry has seen a surge in recent years with significant greenfeild investments by foreign companies.Energy sector is one of the largest and most important sectors to the country’s economy. Serbia is net exporter of electricity and importer of key fuels (such as oil and gas).

maize grits
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Staples of the Serbian diet include bread, meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. Bread is the basis of all Serbian meals, and it plays an important role in Serbian cuisine and can be found in religious rituals. A traditional Serbian welcome is to offer bread and salt to guests. Meat is widely consumed, as is fish. Serbian specialties include caseless sausages made of minced meat, which is always grilled and seasoned, sarma, a dairy product similar to clotted cream, cheese and kajmak pie, a roasted red pepper spread, cornbread, and corn-flour porridge.

maize meal

Due to the favourable conditions for agriculture in Serbia a huge oppportunity lies ahead for our company to expand into Serbia. We look forward to supply  the milling industry in Serbia with all wheat, maize and corn milling machines. As we all know a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The first step Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery will take into seeing that we establish a cooperation with Serbian millers is to attend the international agricultural affair in Serbia.

Maize mill machines
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Due to excellence in its agricultural sector Serbia will host an International Agricultural Fair form the 15th to the 18th of May 2017. It will be our honor to participate in such an event and we look forward to meeting all the Serbian millers and all other international millers. Be sure to catch us there.


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Zambian Client Visits China

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery the best supplier for all wheat ,maize and corn milling machines in the world. At the very end of the last month of April we were graced by our Zambian client who visited China. We had a very successful meeting in Beijing where he was staying . The client was very impressed with us and our products and to that regard he purchased not just one but two machines.

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The client purchased the 30TPD maize milling machine as well as the 20TPD feed equipment  machine. The two machines will be installed in Lusaka Zambia. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery keeps growing and we are very grateful to each and everyone of our clients and our future clients for cooperating with us and trusting us to be your milling  brand. For more details and informations about Hongdefa machinery visit

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120T/24H wheat flour mill machine running in Ethiopia

Our engineer finished the installation for the 120t/24hg wheat flour mill in Ethiopia. Today will back to China.

wheat mill
120t wheat mill in Ethiopia

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Small scale 5-24TPD Maize Milling Machine

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD your ultimate stop for all your milling needs. Today we bring to you one of our products , the small scale  5-24TPD maize milling machines. For first time buyers these machines are highly recommended  as they are very effective and efficient. As we introduce this milling machine to you lets first take a look at the  kind of factory space and design  it would require . Below is an image to fully illustrate the  factory design.

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At Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery all of our milling machine use the cleaning-milling-packing type for processing  grain. The cleaning section is to get the grain ready, fit and healthy for the milling process. The milling section is for grinding and milling the grains and is equiped with the latest technology roller mills and sifters to complete this task. The last section the packaging section packs the super refined maize flour meal into packs of your own choosing and liking. below is a diagramatic figure to explain further on this milling  process.

The milling procedure


The motor is part of the roller mill and  together with the other components of the roller mill they are combined together using the best available technology in the world. The 5-24TPD maize milling machines will have 4 roller mills. The plansifters are also state of the art as they are made and built by our specialized engineers and technicians. The connecting pipes  are all in stainless steel to ensure longer durability  and reduced wear and tear effect. The sieves  are also part and parcel of the whole milling plant. Below is a snap quick shot at the components that comprise the 5-24TPD maize milling machines.

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These are some of the components that make up the  5-24TPD maize milling  machines. To check out the full component list you can contact with Vanisa  by sending an email directly to or  call/whatsapp: +8613833461840


Once the client has completed the payment procedures in up to 30 days after the payment procedure is completed  our company will pack the milling machine into the container  and deliver it by ship. Another advantage of trading with Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD  is that the client does not have to worry about running around to organize the shipping logistics. We will arrange the shipping logistics for our clients anywhere in the world. The client however takes care of the charge of the shipping. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery has been in the milling market for over 30 years now and you can be rest assured that your  milling machine will be delivered to you.

Container being loaded
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Upon delivery of your 5-24TPD maize milling machine  , our engineers will come and complete the installing and commissioning  of the maize mill. The maize mill is built according to your preferences and also suitable standards in your country and area. If the client already has a built  workshop our engineers will come and install but they can also start from designing and building up the workshop where the maize mill will be installed. After the installation is finished and the maize mill is running we still go on  a step further to provide you with an excellent after-sale service  . The maize milling machine comes with spare parts for a year and also has a guarantee of 2 years.


Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD has already installed several maize milling machines of different capacities in over 20 countries around the world. These 5-24TPD maize milling machine have been  installed and is running in Kenya and also in Zambia. The clients are satisfied and have never had problems with their maize milling machines since installment.  Below are our installed 5-24TPD  projects for further reference.

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Running 20TPD line
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24TPD maize mill line
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These maize milling machines will produce the best quality of maize flour meal for  whatever reason you will want to use the maize flour meal for . In Africa our maize milling machines have been giving good quality maize meal for  fufu/ugali/sadza/pap and so many other uses. You can also get to experience awesome milling by simply getting in touch with us  and ordering your maize milling machine today.

For  more  information on maize milling machines , wheat milling machines and our company feel free to contact us on the  details below:

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30Tonne/24hr Maize Milling Machine

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery .CO.LTD your ultimate supplier for maize,wheat and corn milling machines. With more than 30 years of experience in the milling market we provide you with the best quality milling machines built to  satisfy all your needs. A testimony to these  product and service quality is the 30TPD maize milling machine we installed  in South Africa.

30t maize mill

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This is the complete installed line of th 30TPD maize milling mchine but before we get to completing the installation let us find out what makes this millling machine special by looking more into the details. Lets first look into the maize milling procedure used by this milling machine.

The maize milling procedure

As outlined in the diagram above the 30TPD uses the cleaning-milling-packing  process. Each section is carefully and specially built up to achieve the best of results.

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning and conditioning of the maize is an important step in the processing of maize. Cleaning refers to the removal of foreign material and all that is not maize kernels from the to-be milled grain.These foreign materials lower the quality of the product. Examples of foreign materials are  husk, straw, dust, sand and everything too big or too small and lighter than a maize kernel. It also refers to the removal of poisonous seeds, and material harmful to the milling equipment. Examples are  metal and stones.Conditioning refers to the addition of moisture to the maize to allow the bran to be peeled off in flakes during milling with plate or roller mills, allowing easy separation in a sifter and most importantly to add mass to the meal.The degerminator is designed to scrub the bran skin off the maize and dislodge the germ from its cavity with minimum reduction in size of broken fragments.The destoner is applied for efficient separation of stones ,pebbles, glass and other high-density matter from the stream of grain.

Some components of the cleaning section

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The Milling Section

The milling section of the 30TPD  maize milling machine has 4 roller mills and 2 double sifters. After the maize has been degerminated and is clean for further processing the roller mills will crush and break the maize into super refined maize meal. the double sifters also work work hand in hand  with the 4 roller meals to give the best quality of maize meal.

Milling Components

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The Packing Section

The last section of the plant is the packaging section. This packs the final super refined maize flour meal  into packages of your own liking and size. The system is fully automatic. It uses e-measurement technology.This means that it will automatically  fill a bag, detect the weight and also count the number of bags. The weight of the bags to be packed is per your own choice ranging from 5kg bags up to as much as 50kg bags. The Auto-packing machine can pack the bags at a speed of 4 bags per minute to match up with the speed of the milling machine. The Auto-packing machine is very convenient to all those in the milling business.

The Auto Packaging machine

So this is the full maize milling process and you can be sure that after all this process you will have super refined maize meal of top quality at your disposal. This super refined maize can then be used to make sadza,mealie pap, ugali, fufu etc and all other maize products for human consumption or animal feed.

Final product

After the client completes the payment procedure and all the paper work is done in a month’ period we will load the milling machine into the container ready for shipping. The milling machine is packaged in plastic film or wooden box suitable for transportation by sea. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD will organise and arrange for the shipping though the client takes care of the cost. We will deliver the milling machine to any destination in the world.

Container loaded ready for shipping

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Once the delivery is done the next and final step is installation. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD will provide you with an engineer  to install and commission the maize milling machine. The engineer  will further educate the local workforce on how to operate the milling machine as per the provided  manual.


After the installation and the commissioning of the mill all is set for the mill to start running . We have installed so many maize milling machines in different  countries for different capacities  and they are running well up to this day. Below is a fully installed running 30TPD  maize  milling machine.

Installed running 30 TPD maize milling machine

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For more information, details and exact price on the 30TPD maize milling machine and any other milling machine kindly contact us on the details below or fill the online form.

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60Tonne/24hr Wheat Milling Machine

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd. We are professional manufactures of maize,wheat and corn mills. Our products are widely spread and known all around the world. Today we take a look at the 60TPD wheat milling machine as we introduce more and more of its details.

A fully installed 60TPD wheat milling line

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This 60TPD wheat milling machine uses  the cleaning-milling-packing  processing type. In all of its 3 sections the components are built and assembled with the latest  technology. All of our milling machines are certified to meet all the required global standards. Let us  now take a look at some of the major components of this wheat milling machine.

The Structure of the wheat seed

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Major Components

1.The Cleaning Section

The first section of the 60TPD wheat milling machine is the cleaning section . This comprises of the bucket elavator, high speed vibrating sieve,plane revolving sieve, gravity classify destoner, wheat scourer , tempering mixer and the magnetic separator. The function of the sieve is to remove all impurities from the wheat to reduce dust and other impurities to pollute the workshop. The Magnetic separators have a reasonable structure and a big magnetic force so they can extract all the magnetic materials from the wheat  to make sure the rear working
line is safe. The wheat and stones moving on the sieve with different direction are separated from wheat by the gravity destoner. Therefore the cleaning section ensures that no harmful material goes further and also ensures that all impurities have been removed from the wheat so that the best quality can be achieved.

Some major components of the cleaning section

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2.The Milling Section

After the cleaning section we come to the milling section.When the cleaning section has removed all impurities from the wheat seed the seed is ready for milling. The 60TPD  wheat milling machine has 6 roller mills, 5 double sifters , 1 single sifter and a purifier. The roller mill is mainly for grinding and breaking  the wheat and bran’s structure.It is also for separating the wheat husk and the embryo from  the endosperm by grinding. The Sifter can get the pure endosperm by sifting which  depends on self-vibration and the lower pressure blower’s wind power. The purifier will  classify the materials that from these 2 above processes. All this is monitored and controlled by a PLC system.

Some major components of the milling section

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Inside the PLC control system
3.The Packing section

The last section of the plant is the packaging section. This packs the final wheat flour meal or bran  into packages of your own liking and size. The system is fully automatic. It uses e-measurement technology.This means that it will automatically  fill a bag, detect the weight and also count the number of bags. The weight of the bags to be packed is per your own choice ranging from 5kg bags up to as much as 50kg bags. The Auto-packing machine can pack the bags at a speed of 4 bags per minute to match up with the speed of the milling machine. The Auto-packing machine is very convenient to all those in the milling business.

The Auto-packing machine

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This is a brief introduction of the 60TPD components. For the full component list please send an email to  and we will send you the full component list within 24hours.

Our 60 TPD wheat mill is top quality and by musing it you can only expect the best of results for whichever purpose you intend to use the final product for. For most clients the final product is wheat flour meal which is then used to make bread,buns ,biscuits ,chapati and other flour products .Some clients use the mill for bran to produce animal feed. In the both cases this 60TPD wheat milling machine will serve the purpose.

Final products

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Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery .CO.LTD  has supplied and installed  this 60tonne per 24 hr wheat milling machine in Brazil. The mill has been running without any problems since its installation. The mill has also been producing efficiently since it was installed. Below are sites from the Brazilian 60 TPD wheat milling machine.

60TPD wheat-mill in Brazil

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200TPD wheat mill installed in BrazilA few years ago Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD delivered and installed the 60TPD wheat milling machine in Egypt. We will reach every destination in this world to satisfy your milling needs and you can be assured of quality of our products. Below is the 60TPD running wheat mill line we installed in Egypt.


60 TPD complete line in Egypt

After installing this 60TPD wheat mill in Egypt our client was again very satisfied  with our  milling machines. The client used the 60TPD wheat mill for 2 years and came back to our factory to order a 200 TPD  wheat mill. This is just to prove that with us there are no limits.Below are sites from the 200TPD installed running wheat milling machine in Egypt.

Running 200TPD wheat milling machine in Egypt

Recently we delivered and installed the same 60TPD wheat millig machine to our Algerian client. He was very satisfied with the wheat milling machine. He first came to China to inspect the machine before delivery.

Algerian client inspects the wheat mill

You can trust in our milling machines and establish your wheat milling empire with us or expand your milling business with us. We have an excellent active service to provide you with every information you need regarding wheat and maize mills simply get in touch with Vanisa : +86 138 3346 1840 (for calls and whatsapp).

Once the client has finished all the paperwork an payment we will deliver the wheat milling machine to your destination wherever you might be in the world . We package the mill in plastic foil or wooden box to suit delivery by ship.

Wheat mill is loaded into the container ready for delivery

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Once the milling machine is delivered to your destination the last procedure is the installation and commissioning of the milling machine. Our engineers will come to install and commission the wheat mill for you in your country. The engineer will also educate the local workforce on how to use the milling machine. Above all this we have a 2 year guarantee and a provision for 1 year spare parts. With Hongdefa all your milling needs are satisfied and all your milling problems disappear. Below is the  60 TPD  wheat milling line we have delivered and installed in Brazil .It has been running without any problems since it was installed.

The installed running 60TPD wheat milling line in Brazil

After buying the 60 TPD wheat milling machine our Brazilian client was very impressed  with its performance and efficiency and  after 2 years he was back at Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD for an even larger 200TPD wheat mill. We delivered and installed the 200TPD  wheat mill again to our Brazilian client.Below are sites from the installed plant.

For more information on the technical detail of this 60TPD wheat milling machine and the exact price and quotations get in touch with us at the contact details below or fill the  online form.




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Improve the quality and nutrition of your flour meal .

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd .We  are a professional manufacturer of high quality technologically advanced maize ,wheat and corn milling machines. Today we give you more reason why trading with us benefits your milling empire.

nutritional composition of a wheat seed

If we are to trace the history of milling machines , we discover that back in the age of time our forefathers and mothers planted and harvested maize,wheat and corn almost as we do nowadays. They would then physically grind them by means of crushing each grain by stones to obtain flour mill for consumption. This  was a very laborious activity and time consuming. Furthermore the end result flour meal was not as smooth and nutritious as the one we have nowadays .This was because a lot of nutrients would be lost in the process.

grain crushing in the past

The same case happens in this modern day when we mill our grains. A lot of nutrients are lost and quality is compromised during maize,wheat and corn milling process. To get the best nutrition out of our grains at the same time getting the best quality requires a good milling machine. Getting the best nutrition and quality out of our grains is not only good for our milling business but also for the community around us. Our consumers will benefit health wise and socially.

Results of good maize milling
Results of good maize milling

Now that we know what we want out of a milling machine  and what a good machine  should do ,then comes the big question of how and where we can get this good milling machine. The answer to that is right in front of you it Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd your ultimate superior supplier for all your milling needs.

roller mill workshop
roller mill workshop

At Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery we have the latest technology ,the latest information and highly specialized technicians and with this we roll out superior and market leading milling machines.These machines are internationally certified to suit all your milling needs wherever in the world you may be. We have more than 30 years of experience in the milling business and we have supplied mills of different capacity to over 20 countries around the world. Take a look at one of our projects ,the 200tonne per 24hour installed maize milling machine.


Connect with us today and get the best out of your milling business at the same time benefitting your society. Get a Hongdefa maize,wheat or corn milling machine for yourself NOW!!!. Visit today.

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