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220TPD Wheat flour mill installing in Africa now

Hongdefa 220tons per 24hours wheat flour mill machine, our engineers are doing the installation now.

220Tons/24hours wheat flour mill installing in Zambia now
220Tons/24hours wheat flour mill installing in Zambia now

Welcome to visit.

More details feel free to contact with us by Cell/Whatsapp on +8613933068531

Hongdefa notice about the price adjust from September.01, 2021

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Dear Friend:
This is Vanisa from China Hongdefa factory,  for maize mill and wheat flour mill machine .

Here share with you our company notice about the price adjust:
All the former quotation keep the former price until Aug.31,2021.
From Sep.1st, 2021 all the order will use the new price. 

maize mill wheat mill price
maize mill wheat mill price

If you would like to make the order in the near days, kindly pls try your best to make the payment before Aug.31,2021.
If late than Aug.31, 2021, pls contact with me to ask the updated price.

Please be noticed in advance.
P.S. Find Me On WhatsApp +86 139 3306 8531 
Best regards !

Vanisa Li
Export manager
Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery
m: +8613933068531
w:  e:
Find me on WhatsApp/Wechat  +86 139 3306 8531

precooked corn mill testing

Precooked corn mill machine finished the testing in Hongdefa factory

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Precooked corn mill machine finished the testing in Hongdefa factory.

precooked corn mill testing
precooked corn mill testing in Hongdefa factory

We will delivery the Precooked maize mill machine to Zambia next week in March.

This client will produce the precooked maize flour to mix with the wheat flour and do the special kind biscuit.

Our Lusaka, Zambia manager already arrived Lusaka and will arrange the installation issue preparing work in advance to make sure the installation and testing can finish earlier.

COVID19 Vaccine injection certificate
COVID19 Vaccine injection certificate

Now more than 30 of our engineers finished the Vaccine injection of the COVID19 already. They already arrived in different countries like Ethiopia Uganda RD Congo Zambia South Africa Zimbabwe and begin the installation of our maize milling machine and wheat flour mill line.

If you need more details about the Precooked maize mill machine or normal kind maize milling line and wheat flour mill plant, feel free to contact us: whatsapp/wechat: +8613933068531

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My Dear friend :

We will be on the New Year Holiday from Jan.01 to 03 and back to work on Jan.04.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you and send our best wishes to you and your family.

May your new year be filled with all the success and happiness!

Anything I can do feel free to contact with me by Email or call me or WhatsApp me on +8613933068531 directly.

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Container loading to Africa and USA

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Last month of the year 2020, more busy than usually.
Just finished the container loading for DRC client about the Maize dryer and generator, will do another container loading to South Africa for Degerminator and Roller mill soon.

Next week the 20T/24H Precooked corn mill line will send to USA and 50t/24h maize mill machine with 500T silo will delivery to Kenya.

Two set of 30T maize mill for Zambia and Kenya client is preparing, will do container loading soon.

Get price and more details
If you need more details contact my Whatsapp on +8613933068531
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will be in Lagos Nigeria for Trade Fair on Nov.05 to 09,2019

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We will be in Lagos Nigeria for Trade Fair with maize mill and wheat flour mill business.
Welcome to come and meet with us to discuss more details

Trade fair name : lagos int’l trade fair
Name of exhibition hall: Tafawa Balewa Square 
Add : 45/57 Massey Bamgboshe Street, Lagos Island, Lagos
Hongdefa Stall NO.: 2-C32

Mid Autumn Day holiday notice

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We will be on Mid Autumn Day holiday from Sep.13 to 15, and back to work on Sep.16,2019.
Pls if anything urgent call me or whatsapp: +8613933068531.
Or sent Email to

How Hongdefa being the best factory in China for flour mill machine

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Hongdefa machinery factory grows up quickly these years for the maize mill and wheat flour milling production. There is a long story for the development of Hongdefa, today I would like to share this story with all of our friends and clients.

That is the story about the Chairman Mr. Guo Zhenfa in Hongdefa.


Mr. Guo Zhenfa began to work from 1976. He worked in Zanhuang County Machinery Factory in Hebei Province. He has been engaged in the development and improvement of the Royal Brand  flour milling machines. In the national industry standard acceptance, Mr.Guo Zhenfa made outstanding contributions to the 6fts-16, 6fts-15d and 6ffts-12t wheat flour mills , the commissioning operation showed that all the indicators were higher than the national standards, which laid a solid foundation for the Royal Brand flour machine to become a famous brand of the Ministry of Agriculture.


The installation and testing of the flour mill machine in Africa from China



Because Guo Zhenfa’s operating technology in first grade in the industry, he became the first technician who went to abroad to do the installation and commissioning of complete sets of wheat flour machines in China. In the 1990s, one set of flour processing equipment exported by Zanhuang Machinery Factory became China’s first set of wheat flour mill equipment sold abroad. This news caused a great sensation at that time, and the workmates of the whole factory enthusiastically sent technicians to go abroad.



the whole factory enthusiastically sent technicians to go abroad (The right one is Mr.Guo)



The right one is Mr.Guo Zhenfa


Mr. Guo opened The Ethiopia market for China’s flour mill in Africa. He installed the China’s first flour mill in Ethiopia.


Mr.Guo Took photos with customers of Ethiopia (The left one is Mr.Guo)

After that, MR.Guo led the sales and installation team to travel in many countries, including Vietnam, Rwanda, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Senegal etc. Among them, the 6fts-15d flour mill machine which was installed by Guo Zhenfa in Burundi, East Africa in 1991 that has high powder extraction rate and produce good flour quality. The machine was highly praised by African friends. Mr.Guo Zhengfa was received by the then President of Burundi, Pierre Buyoya, and awarded International Friends Honorary Certificate.


In 2002, after the reform of state-owned enterprises, Mr.Guo Zhenfa established Shijiazhuang Africa Trading Co., Ltd. and set branch offices in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Congo.


In 2004 Ethiopia, Africa Trading company designed and installed one set of 500T/24h wheat flour mill machine which is the first large-scale flour mill machine in Ethiopia from China.




500T/24H wheat flour mill in Ethiopia



In 2006, we installed a 60T/24h wheat flour mill machine in Egypt. In 2014, The owner expanded production and purchased one set of 200T/24h wheat flour mill machine. The owner was satisfied with the wheat flour mill machine design and quality. He warmly invited Mr. Guo to visit his factory and home.









200T/24h wheat flour mill machine in Egypt

(the right one is the owner and the right two is Mr.Guo)



In 2008, Guo Zhenfa invested 20 million in the Wumashan Industrial Zone to build a factory called Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd., covering an area of 40,000 square meters (60 acres) with a production workshop of more than 100 employees , and has independent sales, production, installation and after sale service one-stop team.

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery factory



The technical and sales team of Hongdefa

The Hongdefa company mainly targets the research and development of maize and wheat processing machinery in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, and produce processing equipment adapted to local people’s conditions. It has set up branch office in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Congo.



120T/24H wheat flour mill line installed in Zimbabwe designed by Hongdefa



60T/24H wheat milling machine installed in Brazil

Our Hongdefa flour milling equipment is sold to different countries all over the world and is welcomed by different countries clients, including South Africa, Brazil, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina, Algeria, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola and so on.


Hongdefa clients from different countries



Mr. Guo’s team do the design with different requirements in different countries, such as POSHO in South Africa, UGALI in Uganda, SADZA in Zimbabwe, NSHIMA in Zambia, etc. as staple foods, people have different requirements on the mesh size of maize flour. They designed and improved the maize milling line to bring high quality corn flour for the local residents.



100t/24hrs maize mill plant in South Africa




1500t/24hrs maize mill plant in South Africa



150t/24hrs maize mill plant in Zambia



240t/24hrs maize mill plant in Angola


300T/24H wheat flour mill in Afghanistan


Mr. Guo has always followed the idea of designing the maize milling plant and wheat mill line which best suits the needs of customers in different countries. The final client’s needs is the first.


That is the story of our Chairman Mr. Guo Zhenfa, that is also the story about the development and growing up of Hongdefa. All of our Hongdefa people will work hard and take the client’s needs  as the first needs of us.

Welcome to Hongdefa in China and find the new story between you and us.


If you come, please do not hesitate to contact with me:

Cel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 138 3346 1840




Angola 240 tons of corn equipment test yesterday–2018.8.10

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Yesterday afternoon, 240-ton corn milling equipment the Hongdefa installed project in Cabinda, Angola test.

240T maize mill plant in Angola
Our engineers are doing the final preparations
240T maize mill plant in Angola (2)
240T maize mill plant in Angola (2)
240T maize mill plant in Angola (6)
PLC control system 
240T maize mill plant in Angola (7)
Automatic packaging machine 

new for maize

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new for maize

Maize flour mill machine

How is the maize flour mill machine working?

Working in Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery seven years for maize flour mill machine. I would like to introduce you to the following aspects of the operation of the milling machine. And I think it will help you understand the milling machine and how it works

The maize flour mill machine is process maize kernel to maize flour, maize meal, maize grits. Physical properties remain unchanged, the final product is maize flour, maize meal use for staple food especially in African countries, and the maize grits use for puffing, snack food in many countries.

Here is the introduce the maize flour mill machine technical flow for you

The maize flour mill machine is full complete line contains cleaning, degerminatong, milling, packing, controlling system.

flour mill machine
maize flour mill machine


Get price and more details


  1. Maize cleaning system:

In cleaning system use maize cleaner, destoner, magnetic separator ect to remove the impurities, such as stones, dust, straw to get the clean raw material.The clean raw material transport by bucket elevator to moisture damper.

 2. Condition system:

Moisture damper: dampener is used to control the water in the process clean maize. In using the machine, the moisture of the supplies could be stable and well-proportioned. The maize is fed into the dampener through the front-end inlet. Water is sprayed into the maize near the inlet. Together with the separately added water, the maize is transferred from the end to the top of the machine by the mixing blades when intensive intermixing and water penetration by the rotor whirling system are achieved. The thoroughly dampened maize is discharged from the machine outlet.

3. Degerminating system:

After damper, the maize kernel will sleep in the Mid-Condition for 2-3hours, the germ and skin will absorb enough water, the endosperm not absorb water, it is more easily to separate the skin and germ from the endosperm by degerminator. The degerminator with Japan Technology, it will realize the separating of endosperm and maize skin and germ to insure can get pure maize flour, maize meal, maize grits with low fat.  The maize germ, skin and maize endosperm separate, the maize endosperm transport to roller mill, the maize germ, skin use for animal feed.

4. Milling system.

Different capacity of maize flour mill machine use different capacity of roller mill, the roller mill effect is the same. The mill is one of most important machine of whole processing line, is mainly for grinding. To break big size maize endosperm to small size. Depend on client’s market need to mill maize flour, maize meal, maize grits ect.

5. Sifting system:

Sifter has many layers, each layers has screen, the screen with different mesh, according to the clients market need the screen can adjust to produce mostly suitable market final product. High efficiency sifting, mix proof to get credible run, a perfect classification machine. can classify the material that from break, reduction and scratch systems and sifting to get the maize flour suitable for market need.

6. Packing system:

Simple operation, high work efficiency     Automatic packing pp woven bag, plastic bag.       5-10kg/Bag, 10-25kg/Bag, 25-50kg/Bag

7. Controlling system

PLC control system                 Touch screen control system

That is the full complete line maize flour mill machine from cleaning to degerminatong, milling, packing, controlling system.

Except for different capacity maize flour mill machine, we also supply wheat flour milling machine.

flour mill machine
maize flour mill machine
Get price and more details


Know more details about maize flour mill machine click here:

In Kenya, we have running 30tons per 24h maize flour mill machine,  it can produce high quality super withe meal. If you want this maize flour mill machine, please feel free to contact me with:

Cell/WhatsApp/: +8613833461840



details for the SABA SABA trade fair in Dar es salaam

Our team will leave China today and arrive Tanzania tomorrow to attend the Trade Fair in Dar es Salaam:

1. Name: 41st Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair 2017 (Sabasaba Trade Fair)

2. Show Time: 28th June- 8th July 3. Address: Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere Trade fair Grounds, Plot. No. 436 Block A, Kilwa Road, Dar Es salaam, Tanzania

If anyone want to attend this trade fair and discuss more details with our team for the maize milling machine , kindly contact with us freely

Vanisa Li

+86 138 3346 1840 (Cel/whatsapp)

Dragon Boat Festival

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The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, we will be on holiday from May.28 to 30, and back on May.31. This holiday we will make Traditional Chinese rice-pudding (Zongzi)and Row the boat. It is said, these activities commemorate the great patriotic poet Qu Yuana in ancient China.

Welcome to China to enjoy this celebration.

dragon boat holiday

2017 Chinese Agricultural Exhibition (Serbia)

The opening ceremony for the Premium Agricultural Brands China was solemnly opened at the Novi Sad Exhibition Center today! Chinese CCPIT vice chairman Chen Zhou, China Embassy in Serbia Ambassador Tian Yishu agency agency, Commercial Counsellor Tang Xiaodong vice governor of Vojvodina province and economy minister Ivan Jokovic, Novi Sad City Economic Commission member Milorad Radojevic and other guests attended the opening ceremony and ribbon! After the opening ceremony, Chen Chau vice president led the tour of Chinese enterprises booth, and cordial exchanges with exhibitors. CCTV, Xinhua news agency and other news media coverage!!

A lot of client come to meet with us to discuss more details face to face.

It is really good exhibition for us to show our machine to our client and to let the client know us well.

trade fair in Serbia

The Serbia is really a beautiful country and we enjoyed the whole trip in this country.


Today we back to China and fished the one week interesting journey in Serbia.

Our activity in 2016

The past 2016 was a rich and colorful year for Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd. The company went through significant growth and continues to grow and spread all around the world.

We manufacture  maize mill and wheat mill lines for our clients, then export to different countries around the world. After delivery s our engineers will go to the respective country to do the installation and commissioning.

click for price and more details

As part of our outreach and marketing program we often visit different countries all over the world attending exhibition shows and trade fairs. This in the  past years has turned out to be very fruitful as it has enhanced the communication and cooperation between us and our clients.

Below we will take a look at some of the different countries we visited and the various activities we took part in to promote our maize mills and wheat mills.

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trade fair
Lugogo Uganda to attend the trade fair
click for price and more details

We were in Lugogo Uganda attending the trade fair. Different clients are showed up to our stand and we introduced them to our company and products. Demonstrations were also shown to attending clients for better understanding of our maize mill and wheat mills.

Lusaka trade fair
trade fair in Zambia
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We also attended the trade fair in Lusaka, Zambia. We have installed maize mill lines in Zambia over the past years and we keep getting more and more clients.We have a branch in stationed in Zambia . During the trade fair we set up maize mill machine line to demonstrate the processing and functioning of our maize mill machines.The turn out was very pleasing and we made a lot of progress with the visiting clients.


trade fair
Nairobi trade fair

Just like in Zambia we have also installed many maize mill lines in Kenya. In the past year we attended a trade fair in the capital of Nairobi. So many clients turned out for the trade fair. All information about the company and our machine was explained in detail.This trade fair was very successful as some of the attending clients immediately ordered maize mill lines at the trade fair.

click for price and more details


flour mill sales team

This is our sales team with all the beautiful and professional ladies.They  are available to serve and attend to you at any time you have anything. get in touch with them anytime.

click for price and more details

We also have activities outside the office we embark on to enrich our lives and the lives of others. These include traveling, learning, fitness,  public service, attend parties and so on. Below are some snaps from our outdoor activities.

Masai Mara, Kenya
travelling in Masai Mara, Kenya

Our sales manager traveling in Masai Mara, Kenya,  a very beautiful place.

Ugali in Kenya
Ugali in Kenya
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Enjoying the Kenya local food Ugali and knowing more about the final maize flour uses

training for daily work
click for price and more details

Training and learning for sales skills and product details to make us more professional and service client well.

Participating in the Games
Participating in the Games
click for price and more details

Participating in the Games and we are so United. Above playing tug of war with other companies.

Khan steamed
Khan steamed

A really good relaxing activity with the Khan steamed.

click for price and more details
come to the primary school
come to the primary school

Outreach programs to primary schools in a small village where we delivered some books and learning materials for the school children there.This really impacts positively on the lives of these children.

celebrate the New Year
celebrate the New Year

Together as one celebrating the New Year in true family spirit.

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big party
big party

The big party to relax after the work, we are the Hongdefa team and we are a family.

young and energetic team
young and energetic team
click for price and more details

Our young and energetic team, fighting!

You can also get to experience awesome milling and be part of our family  by simply getting in touch with us  and ordering your maize milling machine today.

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Visit for more

Call/Whatsapp:+86 138 3346 1840




The winter season is over here in China and we look forward to a very good spring and summer season. The winter season was very productive in terms of farming produce and it continues to grow season after season. Of particular interest to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd was the flow in produce and the government trends of imports and exports of wheat and corn.

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Generalizing the season report it is clear that there was a rise in the production of wheat and also a rise in the importation of wheat.The imports for the wheat went up by almost 40% compared to the previous year. This all translates to the demand of wheat and wheat products in the country and all around the world. The demand for wheat and wheat products has seen a rise in the world in the past few years.The graph below shows and explains the trend in grain production over the past decades.

Company Growth
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This has led to the rise in opportunity for businesses and clients all around the world. As the demand for wheat and corn products grows around the world , and also growth in production ,this means that there is also growth in grain proccessing. This is where Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd comes into play. We are the best manufacturer of grain processing equipment and lines for wheat,maize and corn. We are here to supply you with these machines to any destination in the world.

Check our 3D designs below for our wheat and corn milling machines. We have the best technicians, engineers and designers with vast year of experience and design of milling machinery. We adopt the latest technology from all around the world and together we build up the most powerful ,efficient and affordable wheat or corn milling machines.

3D design for wheat mill

  Get price and more details


3D design for corn mill

Get price and more details

With these machines you can be guaranteed of a healthy final product and superior quality wheat flour meal or corn flour meal. The flour meal can then be used to produce bread,  biscuits, noodles, pasta and so many other products that are ever growing in demand nowadays. You can never go wrong with Shijiazhuang Hongdefa machinery.Co.Ltd .We are the tried and tested brand. Our machines are running all over the world in over 30 different countries. Joing the winning team today and take advantage of the rise in demand and supply of agricultural wheat and corn.Contact us today and order your milling machine.Below is a sample of our running and installed lines for wheat and corn.

50-60TPD Fully installed line

Running Corn Milling Machine


Running wheat flour machine

 Get in touch today and get your milling machine today. We supply all capacities and build the milling machine as per our clients’ demands. Visit for more

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30Tonne/24hr Maize Milling Machine

Welcome to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery .CO.LTD your ultimate supplier for maize,wheat and corn milling machines. With more than 30 years of experience in the milling market we provide you with the best quality milling machines built to  satisfy all your needs. A testimony to these  product and service quality is the 30TPD maize milling machine we installed  in South Africa.

30t maize mill

click for price and more details click for technical flowchart

This is the complete installed line of th 30TPD maize milling mchine but before we get to completing the installation let us find out what makes this millling machine special by looking more into the details. Lets first look into the maize milling procedure used by this milling machine.

The maize milling procedure

As outlined in the diagram above the 30TPD uses the cleaning-milling-packing  process. Each section is carefully and specially built up to achieve the best of results.

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning and conditioning of the maize is an important step in the processing of maize. Cleaning refers to the removal of foreign material and all that is not maize kernels from the to-be milled grain.These foreign materials lower the quality of the product. Examples of foreign materials are  husk, straw, dust, sand and everything too big or too small and lighter than a maize kernel. It also refers to the removal of poisonous seeds, and material harmful to the milling equipment. Examples are  metal and stones.Conditioning refers to the addition of moisture to the maize to allow the bran to be peeled off in flakes during milling with plate or roller mills, allowing easy separation in a sifter and most importantly to add mass to the meal.The degerminator is designed to scrub the bran skin off the maize and dislodge the germ from its cavity with minimum reduction in size of broken fragments.The destoner is applied for efficient separation of stones ,pebbles, glass and other high-density matter from the stream of grain.

Some components of the cleaning section

click for price and more details click for technical flowchart

The Milling Section

The milling section of the 30TPD  maize milling machine has 4 roller mills and 2 double sifters. After the maize has been degerminated and is clean for further processing the roller mills will crush and break the maize into super refined maize meal. the double sifters also work work hand in hand  with the 4 roller meals to give the best quality of maize meal.

Milling Components

click for price and more details click for technical flowchart

The Packing Section

The last section of the plant is the packaging section. This packs the final super refined maize flour meal  into packages of your own liking and size. The system is fully automatic. It uses e-measurement technology.This means that it will automatically  fill a bag, detect the weight and also count the number of bags. The weight of the bags to be packed is per your own choice ranging from 5kg bags up to as much as 50kg bags. The Auto-packing machine can pack the bags at a speed of 4 bags per minute to match up with the speed of the milling machine. The Auto-packing machine is very convenient to all those in the milling business.

The Auto Packaging machine

So this is the full maize milling process and you can be sure that after all this process you will have super refined maize meal of top quality at your disposal. This super refined maize can then be used to make sadza,mealie pap, ugali, fufu etc and all other maize products for human consumption or animal feed.

Final product

After the client completes the payment procedure and all the paper work is done in a month’ period we will load the milling machine into the container ready for shipping. The milling machine is packaged in plastic film or wooden box suitable for transportation by sea. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD will organise and arrange for the shipping though the client takes care of the cost. We will deliver the milling machine to any destination in the world.

Container loaded ready for shipping

click for price and more details click for technical flowchart

Once the delivery is done the next and final step is installation. Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.CO.LTD will provide you with an engineer  to install and commission the maize milling machine. The engineer  will further educate the local workforce on how to operate the milling machine as per the provided  manual.


After the installation and the commissioning of the mill all is set for the mill to start running . We have installed so many maize milling machines in different  countries for different capacities  and they are running well up to this day. Below is a fully installed running 30TPD  maize  milling machine.

Installed running 30 TPD maize milling machine

click for price and more details click for technical flowchart

For more information, details and exact price on the 30TPD maize milling machine and any other milling machine kindly contact us on the details below or fill the online form.

Call/Whatsapp: +86 138 3346 1840


Fill out my online form.

The G20 Summit in China

The 11th G20 summit was held in the city of Hangzhou,China. The city had been preparing to host this event and it prepared well. The opening ceremony was an excellent display of China’s technological advancement as it was held at west lake with performances being done a few inches from the water surface.The displays were all top notch and the reception for the visiting presidents and their delegates was excellent.

performances at the opening ceremony
performances at the opening ceremony

The G20 summit is a summit for the world’s top 20 economies.It is held to strategize and put forward actions and plans that aim for world economic growth , clean environment and peace. The G20 was initiated in 1999 and consists of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union (EU).

President Xi welcomes presidents attending the G20 summit
President Xi welcomes presidents attending the G20 summit

The Logo for the 2016 G20 Summit at the top, incorporated a stylized bridge consisting of 20 layered lines, symbolizing the 20 members of the Group, the pattern of “G20 2016 CHINA” and a seal with the characters “中国” (“China”) in traditional Chinese font. The bridge signifies that the G20 is a bridge for global economic growth, international cooperation and a win-win future. The layered lines are reminiscent of fiber-optic cables, representing an inter-connected world in the information age. The letter “O” highlighted in the image of “G20” embodies unity and coordination among G20 members. As endorsed by the G20 our company Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.LTD are in the same notion of broadening international cooperation and a win-win situation by trading in every part of the world to offer our top range quality maize,wheat and corn milling machines.

The 11th G20 summit logo


The city of Hangzhou was all set for the G20 summit ,factories had been closed down and people had a week’s vacation to facilitate that the proceedings at the G20 summit would be flawless. China has set the bar high in the way it has hosted the G20 summit. As different sectors of the economy meet up for major strategies in energy, trade ,law ,healthcare and war aid the G20 has been very productive and now we wait to see the strategies turning into action for all of us to enjoy a better world tomorrow.

Beautiful captures of the G20 host city Hangzhou,China

Do not forget to connect with Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery.Co.Ltd your solution  to all your milling needs.

For more details, contact me :
Tel/WhatsApp:+86 138 3346 1840

Agricultural and commercial Show in Lusaka Zambia

Our company will come to attend the exhibition in Lusaka Zambia in the end of July.
The exactly information is as follows:
Exhibition name: 90TH Agricultural and commercial Show
Time: July 24 – August 2, 2016
Add: Show Ground, Lusaka, Zambia

We will come to Lusaka and attend this exhibition. Welcome to come to there and meet with us.
You will see the real machines and all the detail introductions about our maize and wheat mill machine
Also can discuss all the details with our engineer face to face and get the best price!

Also you can communicate with me directly.

My email is and my WhatsApp number is +86 138 3346 1840.
For more details please contact with me freely.


Fill out my online form.
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Nigeria Tomoto

Tomato emergency in Nigerian state

Tomatoes, which are a staple in Nigerian diets and are primarily grown in northern Kaduna state, cost $1.20 per basket three months ago. They now are over $40 per basket. An exotic and hard-to-kill pest, Tuta Absoluta or the Tomato Leaf Miner, hasravaged the crop.

That is really too big strike on the local farmers who plant tomato.

We do the agriculture machine of maize mill and wheat milling machine, so we totally understand how big influence this plague of insects take. Always heard from our client that they have to stop the investment of the maize milling business because of the lack of maize.

It is said some officials of the ministry had been sent to Kenya to liaise with experts and return with the best way of arresting the situation.

Hope this can be solved soon and reduce the loss of the farmers.